Gmen Troubles Cause Fans To Question Loyalty?

Giantland- Alright alright.  I'm new to this page and I'll dispel with the classic 'First Time Long Time' line 'cause truth be known I've got all of about seven minutes invested into this forum and while I initially stopped in to check the pulse of Gmen Culture (with the feeling the 1-2 skid would be met with far more 'Phhhht! Don't mean a Thing!' than 'Oh me, oh my!  Now where'd our Boys in Blue decide to go?') I'm sticking around to lend a voice of 'Hold the flippin' line, boy-os!  It ain't even Week 4 and nothing, stress nothing, is decided in Week 3!'

     I mean, truth be told, I'm not even a Giants fan.  Oh sure, I like the color scheme, love it when a rival forces the other to play in a stadium named after itself (does anyone call the "new" Meadowlands that or can we still say 'Giants Stadium?'...yeah, thought so) and of course I like the fire, fuel and fury of a franchise where simply donning the tattered, baseball cap headgear of logo-dripped attire establishes a lineage dating back four generations.

    Even my Tom Brady-diggin', Patriot flag-wavin' and All Things New England-lovin' self can groove to those tunes, right?

    Yet I step in here, unannounced, uninvited and unsolicited to take a peek and grab a sniff of where the Gmen stand all I read are quotes and posts and blasts about how the ship's gone down, the heart's been stabbed and the end, pray tell, is near.

     Seriously?  This can't be the same team that came into a Superbowl Smackdown against those lovable (hey, it's my post, right?) Patriots in 2007/08 only to spin the globe like a top and rattle cages from Milan to Minsk as they took toughness and tenacity to a level not seen since the resilience of the Bosox circa 2004 (D'oh!).  I mean, it's Week 4 for the good, gracious Lord's sake and this ship has yet to even set sail and I see "open letters' to the team blatantly stating the collective efforts of this year's squad is only capable of, and I sadly quote, 'sucking'.  Sucking?  Really?  Yeah they got busted, broke and blasted by Indy (3rd quarter and you're leaving?  Hey, fans with Eli jerseys had better stay to the painful, bitter end when the boys go on the can lose the game but you can't let 'em win the party! C'mon now!)

      Please don't tell me the weight of Superbowl Glory has resulted in a turned up nose to the game of football and the legend of this franchise.  It might be hard times and bubble-gum right now but 1-2? Man, that ain't even something to get worried about.  I've sat the bleacher routine and rooted for misery in my storied career as a sports fan.  You think cheering for the Red Sox was easy?  How 'bout trying to stay motivated for another year of interest as a Bruins fan?

       And yes, I claim the silver, blue and red boys of Foxboro as my team and the one I'll ride with into the endzone sunset but man, even after the misery of waking to a cold, sleet-ripped day in February, 2008 couldn't keep me from claiming my allegiance.  I mean, I almost bought one of them 19-0! long sleeves from a street corner vendor before they shipped 'em all down to the D.R. as charity.

      But I didn't.  And the other thing I didn't do was give up on my boys.  You wanna be a fan?  You wanna be there to sip the champagne, slap the hearty backs and give 'bro-hugs' to strangers when the miracle happens and you "...can't believe what I just saw!..." Well then you gotta ride it out when the bandwagon empties and the fair-weathers go watch golf.

      This is the National Football League and it's all about the long run, not the short gain.  Gmen, I know you're listening and I want to hear some chatter.  Who's jumping the bus right now?  Who's leaving in the 3rd quarter?  And really, I know, sometimes it can't be helped, but never leave early on the road, that just gives the enemy strength.  And who's got something to add?

      Hope all rolls well for the rest of your day and I hope this gets some blood pulsing through your veins because the Gmen I know still got faith and this bus has eyes on longevity as neither Dallas, Philly or the 'Skins have shown much of anything at this stage.  Or at least enough of something to cause the Gmen to sweat.

      So get back on the bus and let's see where this road runs.


Radio Kjed

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