The Aftermath

Well here we are....the day after. 

I have been trying wrap my mind around Sunday Nights' game all day....with little to no success.

Blow-out losses are never an easy pill to swallow but I guess in the back of my mind I'm trying to quantify what this will mean moving forward.  I can't help but think of last years game vs. N.O. when Payton and Brees basically gave the NFL a blueprint on how beat us... really badly might I add.  On the flip side the Cleveland game from '08 also stands out; a complete and total let down on Monday Night, that we proceeded to turn into a winning streak

There are simply way too many variable to factor into this equation to come up with a definitive answer (I don't care who you don't know the answer).  Seriously, you'll just go in circles, so don't even try....I spent the better part of work doing just that. 

I just have some comments that I would like to make, and than elaborate on:

1) Our 4-1-6 Defense: Is a disaster vs. Petyon Manning.  Do you guys know that Peyton is on record saying that in the past the Colts have had serious problems w/ those Defensive know why?  He said that other teams shut down their running have the bodies to play great pass coverage!!  So techncially, Fewell did a fantastic job of game planning.  The problem here is that the Giants are simply not familar w/ that D nor do they execute it very well....Perry found that out first hand.  I really don't think this is even a problem though b/c when are they going to play a 4-1-6 as a Base D other than vs. Peyton???  Answer: Never. 

Here's my gripe.  Are the players simply not used to playing that base D?  Or do we just not have the horses to pull it off?  One would think that the 4-1-6 could play a part in 3rd downs for us this season so we can't simply "shelf" it.  So what gives?  Too much time for the QB?  Secondary not getting the job done?  Peyton just being Peyton? or Inability to stop the run?

This also brings up a huge debate about our Linebackers.  I am well aware of the philosophy in NY.  That said; do we really have no one else other than Michael Boley who is capable of being on the field on 3rd down?  Anyone?  Goff?  Bulluck?  Bueller?

2) Ramses Barden:  I guess it's time to face the cold hard facts.  No matter how much I like this guy, no matter how good "I think" he can be, I have essentially given up all hope.  It pains me to write this b/c personally I have not given up, but I think the Giants have.  Going inactive in favor of V. Cruz IMO is huge.  I guess they saw something on the tape from last week of Barden on ST that they didn't like.  I suppose if Cruz was "worse" vs. Indy Barden could get another shot, but it's not a good sign. 

3)  Offensive Line:  I really can't believe how bad the Tackles looked last night.  Last year Beatty played vs. Carolina and Minn so I guess we chalked up a lot of those sacks late in the season to him being a rookie (and Diehl just being Diehl).  Now that I am reminded of Kareem McKenzie's inability to stop pass rushers I can't help but worry about this situation.  What happens when we see Ware?  Orakpo?  Peppers?  etc.  What will become of S. Andrews?  How long do we wait?  I would have Andrews working at one of the Tackle positions w/ the 1st team this week.  That performance was the definition of: Unacceptable

4) Intensity:  Where the heck is it?  I mean I'm sitting here watching the replay of Indy's first drive on Offense.  It looked way too easy.  Justin Tuck losing focus on that trap run that went right between him and Cofield.  Michael Boley literally standing around while Addai was falling forward for a 1st down.  I mean you run some no huddle and these guys can't hack it?

In closing: by no means am I mailing it in.  I've been here before, I know better than that.  I'm just saying, we've (yes...WE) got some *explitive* work to do here.  So let's get it done! 

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