Travis Beckum, 09.13.10

Q: Did they tell you anything as far as the Colts and how they'll come after the offense?
A: No, but I think this week that the defensive ends are much better. No, they haven't said much.

Q: How do you feel you did after film?
A: It's a lot of little things, whether it's my technique or my high placement. Like I said yesterday, it's things that can be easily corrected and that's one of the positive parts about a mistake is that you can just know that if you have your hand on the other side, you can turn that block into a 50-yard run as opposed to a five-yard run.

Q: Do you think playing that many reps would be different if you had a week to prepare for it?
A: I mean obviously the more reps, it's going to be better. Would I have liked to rep more during the week? Yes. Thinking about it, we did a lot of things as far as our offensive line goes during that game. I feel much more confident doing that. Obviously, it's my first time doing a bunch of those things but now going back and looking at it, and going through with the corrections, I feel a lot more confident.

Q: Are you totally where you want to be having missed a significant portion of training camp?
A: I mean, yes and no, there is always room for improvement. I can say where I was in the beginning of the week as opposed to the end of the week last week was a very big difference. I was pretty rusty coming back on Wednesday and Thursday was better. On Friday, I really felt like I was in my groove. It just kept going up from there.

Q: When you were put in, were you asked to do something that maybe you weren't asked to do during the week in practice?
A: See that's the thing. Practice during the season isn't like training camp. You don't have five tight ends, and every tight end doesn't get a rep on that play during the season. That's the difference between training camp because everybody gets a couple reps at each play. I'd say that's the biggest part, but you just have to step up and do what they ask.

Q: Give me an example of something like that:
A: It's not that as much as it is the positioning. There aren't very many times where you'll see me lined up at the Y position. I'm always going to be out wide or in the slot. Now, it's just something that I was getting out, and the coaches kept on harping on me about making sure I'm getting all my stuff up the slot and in the Y position. Getting thrown in there at the Y was different. It was stuff that I had done before but had not repped during week but was definitely familiar with. Like I said, I've made some mistakes but it's definitely a learning experience. I'm glad I was in there to be able to do that and learn from my mistakes, and be able to be more versatile during the season as far as playing the Y.

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