Knee-jerk reactions and baseless opinions

This game could have been 31-3. The score and the stats don't, IMHO, show just how much the Giants dominated this game. Which of course leaves me the question... are our special teams (and, to a lesser extent, offense) going to be costing us 10 points per game? It reminds me of that old Giants adage, the D leaves the field and tells the Offense, "Hold'em" -- only they'd hafta target this one at the ST.

Two reasons why the Giants ripped into Moore at the end of the game: one, as Coughlin said, they were going pass-heavy, predictable. But also -- I think some must have to do with rotation and freshness. By Q4 we looked way fresher out there.

Were our wide receivers playing volleyball or football? They looked like setters out there.

Kevin Boss is going to be retarded by age 30. But, also, it looked like Gilbride has gotten sensitive about Andiamo and was trying to incorporate more TE passes, HB passes (nice one to Jacobs), and play-action. That's a good sign.

O-Line looked nothing like the road-graders of years past. I think by year-end we'll need Beatty and/or Andrews to step up (and make big plays).

Nice to see B-Jake getting the team amped pre-game. The guy's a fiery leader and I love it.

Manning ... to HAM! The guy was a great option. Receiving corps, despite their butterfingers, is gonna be good this year!

Defense looked great, yeah, but Matt Moore... well... he's not good. And cut off that soul patch, dude, it looks retarded. Next week we'll see how we do against a strong passing team. between the Panthers' run and the Colts' pass, the first two weeks will be a good gauge. Surprisingly few growing pains for a week 1 defense.

Teams going down this year from last: (Not based on week one, just baseless opinions:)

There are several teams we expect to climb out of the basement so a few good teams need to fall off the top. They are:

AFC: The Bengals and Colts. Last year's div. winners will not repeat. Colts will still be good, but not Colts good of 13-3, 14-2...

NFC: Vikings and Cardinals. Last year's D-winners both finish 3rd this year.

Team looked good mentally out there too. Stop holding, David Diehl.


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