My Updated 53 Man Roster

I was waiting until the 3rd pre season game before I did this.

Too bad I'm actually more confused now than I was a couple weeks ago, yet oddly enough much has remained the same?!

Anyway, here goes....

UPDATE (Friday, Sept 3rd, 7:48 pm):  I have decided to add Adam Koets to the roster.  Busing is being removed to make space  


QB:  Manning, Bomar (2)

RB:  HB - Jacobs, Bradshaw, Brown, Ware FB - Hedgecock (5)

TE:  Boss, Pascoe, Beckum (3)

WR:  Smith, Nicks, Manningham, Barden, Hagan, Cruz (6)


LT - Beatty

LG - Diehl, Andrews 

C - O'hara, Koets, Seubert

RG - Snee, Petrus

RT - McKenzie (9)



LDE - Tuck, JPP

LDT - Cofield, Joseph 

RDT - Canty, Bernard, Alford  

RDE - Kiwanuka, Umenyiora (9)


SAM - Sintim, Wilkinson

MIKE - Bulluck, Goff, Dillard, Blackburn - (Maybe I'm being naive but I'm not 100% Bully is not starting at MIKE come week 1.  I'm not 100% Sintim starts either, but for now I'm perfectly fine w/ going into the season w/ 8 LBs)

WILL - Boley, Kehl (8)

CB: Webster, Thomas, Ross, B. Johnson (4)

S: Rolle, Phillips, Grant, M. Johnson, Busing (4)


K: Tynes (1)

P: Dodge (1)

LS: DeOssie (1)

Let me explain a few things....

--  I was down right adamant that we would carry 3 QBs, I still think it's very possible, but injuries in the secondary have changed my mind.  Bomar has not totally convinced me that he's capable of being a 2nd string NFL QB....he didn't "win" it...I'm "giving" it to him and hoping he continues to progress.  

--  I was thinking about carrying Adam Koets not because I want to but because I think the Coaches may want to.  I think if there is one guy "left out", it could very well be him.  So be it....

--  A couple of weeks ago I thought I was going out on a pretty big limb by taking Busing (I was basically doing it b/c Dave Merritt liked him) but I did see positive things from him last night.  That's not to say that he he did not make mistakes this pre season but he showed me improvement.  The reason I take Busing is b/c while we could probably use another CB I see Fewell using more 3 Safety sets w/ Rolle or Grant in the Nickel.  DJ Johnson showed me improvements last night and I think if anyone else in the secondary could catch on, it's DJJ (yes, even considering how bad he was the first 2 games).  But, I'm going to follow my initial post and take Busing.

-- I think it's quite obvious that they are not done with this roster either....a vet CB could in fact be in the cards.  When I look at this team I think I could part ways with Ware or Busing down the road should I need to bring another position player in. 

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