Who Starts at Running Back in Game One?

Hey everyone. Only 16 days and 11 hours until the first real Giants game and I thought we'd could pass some time by arguing who will start or get which position and have a poll and see whether our predictions match up.

Possibly the most intriguing position battle on the Giants roster right now is who gets the Official Start at Half Back:

Ahmad Bradshaw




Brandon Jacobs



Team Jacobs

Big Boy, the Juggernaut, any nickname evokes the sheer awesomeness Jacobs either once had, or still has (depending on the side your on). There is no doubt that Jacobs at one time was an intimidating running back. He was one of the few offensive players to punish defensive players. A linebacker playing running back, Jacobs hurts the other team. The idea is give Jacobs enough runs and the defense won't want to tackle. When they're all banged up, then you put in the shifty guy to take advantage of Bradshaw's speed in addition to defensive players being half a step behind from the beating.
No matter what, we'll always remember Brandon for this:




Team Edwar... I mean Team Bradshaw

The problem I had with saying Bradshaw should start is essentially this: It means Jacobs is done. Maybe not done done, but no longer a primary back. Jacobs last year did not play well, but how much of it was injury, and can Jacobs come back? However, it's definitely not all about Big Boy's health. Bradshaw, if he were to start, has earned it. Playing on two broken feet last year, he still showed great elusiveness. Fully healthy, and you get this. Before this play, I thought no way will Bradshaw start. There is no doubt that Bradshaw's strengths play to the team's new strength: passing the ball. If I was Coach Coughlin, Ahmad's my man.


End Notes

In the end, it might not really matter who starts, except for pride. One of the coaches said they'd get near equal playing time anyways. But where's the fun in that? So BBV, who starts?

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