You Know You're a BBVer if...

Hey everyone, hope you all are well. I was sitting in school today doing a good job of ignoring the teacher when I realized around this same time last year, I discovered a excellent Giants blog called Big Blue View. This blog has provided me with great information and conversation, so in honor of my first anniversary with BBV, I have compiled a list of things that really make up our community here at the Big Blue View.

  • To start the list, you know you are a BBVer if a poster says that Rhett Bomar can play every position on the field and all you do is laugh and shake your head.
  • You know you're a BBVer if you roll your eyes every time there is a post saying that "Coughlin is on the hot seat this year"
  • You know you're a BBVer if you can admit to disagreeing strongly with the JPP pick on the draft night open thread, and later decided that JPP wasn't such a bad pick after all in another thread. (I am very guilty of this)
  • If you know that Blue Gonz is one of the wisest and most experienced BBVer's of all time
  • If you have happened to drop the phrase "In Reese we trust" at one point or another
  • If you just sigh and shake your head every time there is a post or link saying that the Jets/Cowboys are a sure thing to win the Super Bowl this year
  • If the series "Giants by the Numbers" is one of the best things you have read in a long while.
  • If you've realized that at least a quarter of the screen names on BBV are in some way related to Lawrence Taylor.
  • If there are times during the course of a game that you have posted on an open thread that you want to take the play book away from Gilbride and call the plays yourself.
  • If you have had the "There is only one LT" conversation with any other SB Nation bloggers
  • If you are apart of the Lets pack up Sinorice Moss's bags and put him on a bus to Oakland fan club
  • If you've logged on to BBV during work/school just to make sure you haven't missed anything

Hope you guys enjoyed the list and thanks to everyone for making my BBV experience awesome. Hope this blog keeps running for a long, long time.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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