ESPN's 200 Best Players in NFL: Giants

What's goin' on Big Blue View?  First fanposthere, and I'm not really providing any sort of insight.  Just providing some ESPN Insider stuff for those of you who don't have it since its been sort of a slooooooow news day.  Scouts Inc. provided a list of the Top 200 players in the NFL and there were 7 Giants players that made the cut. The first Giant to make the list was Justin Tuck at #61.  Here's the top ten in NFL then the Giants players after the jump

Best Players in the NFL:

1. Peyton Manning

2. Andre Johnson

3. Darrelle Revis

4. DeMarcus Ware

5. Drew Brees

6. Joe Thomas

7. Larry Fitzgerald

8. Nnamdi Asomugha

9. Patrick Willis

10. Tom Brady


61. Justin Tuck: 85 (8th Best DE)

He has been a dependable starter over the past three seasons. He is a versatile player who can play inside at defensive tackle or outside at defensive end. He has excellent height and average size for the position. However, he plays bigger than his size and is a physical player. He is explosive with excellent initial quickness to get into blockers quickly. He has an excellent motor and does not quit on plays in the run game or as a pass-rusher. He has excellent range in the run game to make plays outside the tackle box. He is a good tackler who wraps and finishes. He forced five fumbles last season and does an excellent job of trying to separate the player from the football. He was not as dominant a pass-rusher last season as in 2008 but is still an explosive player who comes off the ball quickly and turns the corner. He shows excellent hand usage to counter blocks. He has a burst to finish and get to the QB

71. Chris Snee: 84 (3rd Best Guard)

Snee has average size for the position but plays much bigger and physical because of his toughness. He has strong hands to grab and control defenders quickly. He shows excellent initial quickness off the snap. He can get into position quickly and does a nice job of keeping his feet balanced to cut off the defender. He can find the moving target when pulling. He plays with good leverage and pad level. He shows excellent vision in pass protection. He can pick up stunts and twists. He is active and aggressive and at times will overextend on blocks. However he does show the ability to recover and get back into position. He is an outstanding player who plays at a consistently high level.

76. Eli Manning: 84 (8th Best QB)

He has prototypical height and size for the position. He has great physical tools and is naturally gifted for the position. He has become a much better decision-maker over his career. Overall he has good mechanics but still occasionally throws off his back foot under pressure. He was hit more often this past season, which affected his mechanics at times. When he has time, he is excellent at stepping up into the pocket. He can put the ball on a rope to all three levels. He throws a very catchable deep ball. He is excellent at getting the ball out quickly to allow his receivers a chance to make a play with the ball in their hands. He is an average athlete. He is much better in the pocket than rolling or having to throw the ball on the move. He has really matured over his NFL career and has become more of a vocal leader. Though not elite, he is a top 10 NFL quarterback

106. Hakeem Nicks: 82 (20th Best WR)

He took a little time to develop in his rookie season but ascended quickly to become a big-time factor in the Giants' offense. He has good size and plays big. He is physical with and without the ball in his hands. With the ball, he can stiff arm and break tackles. He is not a blazer but can build to speed. He is a long-strider who can separate down the field. He improved as the season went on as a route runner, but this is an area where he still needs to develop. He does not show the feel to uncover and find open areas when the route breaks down. He is explosive in and out of his cuts but needs to become a little more precise. He has big hands and can snatch the ball out of the air away from his body. He will occasionally have concentration lapses and drop catchable balls. He needs to improve as a downfield blocker. He got better every week as a rookie and is a guy who has the potential to develop into a No. 1 target in time.

181. Osi Umenyiora: 78 (15th Best DE)

He is a talented player who played in all 16 games but lost his starting job after a falling out with the coaching staff. Even though he saw less time, he was productive when he was on the field. In a more limited role than 2008, he had seven sacks and forced four fumbles. He has an explosive first step that puts a lot of pressure on the offensive tackle. He shows excellent lean to avoid contact and stay on his feet. Once he gets the edge, he shows the ability to flatten out and explode towards the quarterback. He was a little more lackadaisical in his play this season. When his motor is going, he plays the run away from his side well. He shows excellent range to get down the line. He is not very physical when you run at him, which teams try to do to wear him down. He will run himself out of plays at times instead of taking on the block with the proper shoulder. He is a talented player who even as a backup will produce sack numbers and big plays.

186. Shawn Andrews: 78 (9th Best Guard)

Andrews has missed most of the past two seasons with a back injury. When healthy, he is a massive body who is versatile enough to play both guard and right tackle. He is an excellent athlete for his size with good initial quickness and lateral agility. He can slide and redirect well in pass protection, and is light on his feet to adjust to stunts and twists. Andrews has great natural strength and utilizes a powerful initial punch to stymie defenders at the line of scrimmage. He can anchor effectively versus powerful bull-rushers.

187. Steve Smith: 78 (25th Best WR)

He is the most consistent receiver on the Giants' roster and developed into a No. 1 target for quarterback Eli Manning. He does not have the elite size or strength you look for in a No. 1 target, but he is an excellent athlete who plays a lot faster then he times. He is a quick receiver who can come off the ball and get on top of the defender quickly. He is an excellent route runner who can get in and out of his breaks with no wasted motion. He shows good quickness with the ball in his hands and makes plays after the catch. He is excellent working versus zone coverage. He can find the voids and sit down. He does a good job of working himself free when Manning has to flush the pocket. He does a nice job of walling off downfield as a blocker.

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