Giant Expectations Looming in Gotham

Giants fans, I've been here before but only on a sporadic basis. Thus, here's my bio: I am a broadcast journalist at Mid-Utah Radio of Manti and Richfield, Utah and I am writing NFL predictions on an alphabetical basis. I always accept feedback, negative or otherwise, so I hope you enjoy, but here goes.

These are interesting times for the New York Giants. As one of the NFL’s flagship franchises, I saw Big Blue on television from an early age and actually didn’t like them for a time, especially when they beat my Broncos silly in Super Bowl XXI.

Nevertheless, through the years, as I’ve tried to become a more accomplished NFL historian, I now understand how great and classy the Giants really are.

After all, when the New England Patriots were nailed for cheating amid their potentially historic campaign in 2008, it was the Giants who saved the integrity of the game in exceptionally dramatic fashion.

Therefore, as a fan of the shield, I’ve tried to give the Giants sufficient love through the years.

That’s enough sentimentality, let’s get back to business!

The New York Giants, fresh off an 8-8 campaign still have reason to look forward to the future so long as Eli Manning doesn’t have his head split open again.

Manning (62.3 completion percentage, 4,021 yards, 27 TD’s, 14 INT’s) and a triumvirate of fleet-footed wideouts in Steve Smith (107 rec, 1,220 yards, 7 TD’s), Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks (16.8 yards per reception, 6 TD’s) should all contribute to give defenses headaches in 2010.

I also have a high opinion of Ramses Barden and sincerely hope he overcomes his stress fracture but time will tell on that polnt.

With all of that said, the Giants deserve more effort from Brandon Jacobs as someone with his skills should average more than the paltry 3.7 yards per carry he amassed in 2009. Nevertheless, Ahmad Bradshaw (822 rushing yards, 5 TD’s) has compensated for Jacobs’ lack of explosiveness in many instances.

As far as the defense is concerned, I fully expect Justin Tuck to have a breakout season. He seems to be capable of being a double-digit sack performer, while Terrell Thomas, fresh off a five interception campaign, seems to be coming into his own.

The NFC East is, literally, anyone’s game, and I would not be surprised to see anyone in this division win the crown, unless it’s Dallas because Wade Phillips is a loser.

Perhaps now is the time for the Giants to take the NFL by storm especially since everyone seems to be bewitched by Rex Ryan’s “adroit crassness” (note sarcasm).

As always, we’ll see what happens but I can see the Giants winning 11 games on the season if all goes well.

Take courage, Giants fans, as if you can emerge out of the NFC East, this could be another special season for Big Blue.

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