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Happy Saturday, Giants fans. I hope you guys are as ready as I am for the Giants to take the field again Monday night. Preseason games are completely meaningless, but as far as meaningless games go, Monday night's new stadium opener against the Jets is about as big as they get since "bragging rights" are on the line, at least until the season starts and the two teams prove what they're really all about. No matter what happens, though, Sports Illustrated had it right way back in 1986, and the Giants have only won three Super Bowls since then. Anyway, while you're waiting for Monday's game, let's go for a quick jaunt around SBN to see what other teams blogs' are talking about.

NFC East

  • Blogging the Boys looks at the 1991 & 1992 Cowboys to see what turned them into champions, and compares them to the current Cowboys. Good to see the Cowboys fans are staying humble about their expectations this year.
  • Bleeding Green Nation looks at the phenomenon of nobody appreciating Donovan McNabb amidst news that he has been heckled at Redskins training camp. I bet he was really an Eagles fan in disguise...
  • Hogs Haven discusses the disappointing wide receiver duo of Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly and why they can't get separation.

Upcoming Opponent

  • For those of you who don't have HBO or don't have the stomach (no pun intended) to watch Rex Ryan for a half hour, Gang Green Nation recaps the first episode of Hard Knocks. Pats Pulpit also has a more "fair and balanced" look at the episode.

Rest of the NFL

  • Battle Red Blog has a fantastic, in-depth look at how the Texans tried to stop Peyton Manning last season and what they need to do this year to do a better job. Worth the read, especially since the Giants will be faced with the task of stopping Big Bro later this season.
  • Al Davis recently came out to look at his shadow and prove that he's not dead yet, and Silver and Black Pride breaks down his interview. Something tells me that streak of playing in the Championship Game every year that ends with '0' is about to end, but hey, can't blame them for hoping, right?
  • The Daily Norseman and Acme Packing Company both agree that the Lions will suck, but other than that they have very different opinions about how the top of the NFC North will break down.
  • The Falcoholic has a very entertaining breakdown of Michael Vick's "falconliness" (in part of a running series). It's easy to forget based on all the other junk that Vick has done just how much of an impact he had when he was at the top of his game, and the Falcoholic does a great job highlighting that, though it doesn't seem to be helping his polling. Also worth a quick read is the entry on Steve Bartkowski, if only for the last bullet point in the 'pro' column.
  • That's all for this week. Have a great weekend, Giants fans, and since I won't be around the computer till mid-week, I'll say it now: GO BIG BLUE!
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