My 53 Man Roster

I would wait to do this, but I just don't see much changing in the new few weeks.  However, there is one position that IMO could still be up for grabs and that's WR/KR.  I'll explain below.


QB:  Manning, Sorgi, Bomar (3)

RB:  HB - Jacobs, Bradshaw, Brown, Ware FB - Hedgecock (5)

TE:  Boss, Pascoe, Beckum (I'll lump Becks in this category) (3)

WR:  Smith, Nicks, Manningham, Barden, Hagen, Brown/Cruz (This is the pick that I just don't know about...I'm torn in fact.  Only very recently have I warmed up to this idea, but I think their specific skill set could be useful, especially at KR.  I say this because A) Moss' time is up B) I don't think Bradshaw will do it b/c he'll be getting a lot of snaps C) I don't know if Ware is capable?.  I could also actually leave this spot open too as I will explain later but ultimately.... (6) (5)


LT - Diehl, Beatty

LG - Seubert, Petrus, Whimper 

C - O'hara

RG - Snee

RT - McKenzie (8) I think if anything really happened to O'hara we could move Seubert over and shuffle some guys areound.  It bothers me to carry Whimper again but I think we could use that extra body.



LDE - Tuck

LDT - Cofield, Joseph 

RDT - Canty, Bernard, Alford  

RDE - Kiwanuka, Umenyiora, Pierre-Paul (9) I know JPP could very easily back up Tuck but I think that's where the Giants may "want" him?? Yes, you read right....Kiwanuka


SAM - Sintim

MIKE - Bulluck, Goff, Dillard, Wilkinson, Blackburn 

WILL - Boley, Kehl (8) Same as DLine... I know Wilkinson and Blackburn can back up multiple spots, but I lumped them in the middle.

CB: Webster, Thomas, Ross, B. Johnson (4) - I could easily go outside and add another CB (that's why I could really only carry 5 WR's).  DJ Johnson and Courtney Brown are not getting it done.  Going outside could very well be an option.  Disclaimer: It could also happen during the season if push really came to shove.

S: Rolle, Phillips, Grant, M. Johnson, Busing (5) - Merritt is high on Busing (to say the least) and if Fewell does like using multiple S sets he could come in handy, giving us an extra DB should we only carry 4 CBs. Not to mention, special teams.


K: Tynes (1)

P: Dodge (1)

LS: DeOssie (I just couldn't list him at LB...I think the Giants may "officially" list him there, or maybe they used to...but I simply can't) (1)


Have at it.

Update:  FreeBradshaw pointed out to me that I forgot Hedgecock *facepalms* so I have added him and removed: (man this is really tough....I guess I gotta do it) Brown/Cruz...and the subsequent rant that went with it!!!

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