We need to introduce Big Jake to the stiff arm

Anyone who knows me knows I love Brandon Jacobs' game.  His passion, his desire, and his freakish set of skills that still, off a down year, make him one of the most feared opponents in the game.  But there is a flaw in his game, and I want to break it down a little bit, to see what you think.

This was the best vid as far as quality that I could find on big boy on youtube, and thanks to ColbyWebbProductions for posting it.  Although it is from the '08 season, his running style hasn't changed much from then to now, so we can use it as a template for this analysis. 

Basically, big boy is stuck on truck stick.  His best finishing move is to truck his opponent, but that seems to be his only move.  He rarely jukes, never spins, unless redirected by a defender, and does not believe in stiff arming.  To me, the last one is one of his problems.  A back his size is not going to effectively juke, or spin, but I think one of the weapons of a strong, huge man of his stature needs to be the stiff arm.  And this goes double for someone who works on his arms in the off season as a boxer.  The man has two huge weapons, and will not remove them from their holster.  I've highlighted 3 plays from this youtube package as evidence:

00:29 - Big boy gets out on the left sideline, with one defender coming from his right side, to beat.  Had he used an effective stiff arm there, there was a chance that play could've gone to the house.  There was no one else in front of him.

1:48 - One of the very few times I've actually seen Jake put his arm out in an attempt to stiff arm.  Again, one defender to beat, clear daylight in front of him, but big boy pulls out a feeble attempt at stiff arming, being instead pushed out of bounds.  Had he constantly employed his stiff arm as part of his run game, maybe it would've been better executed, thus maybe another one taken to the house.

2:27 - This one was against the redskins, where the defender came from behind him on his right hip.  Had he been able to catch his head in his hand and gotten away, another 5 or so yards could have been gained. 

These are just a few examples of something I think Big Boy needs to work on this offseason to expand his game.  If you look at the greats, most of them, and ALL of the bigger backs, employed a mean stiff arm.  Hell, some of them straight up throw a running punch at guys.  And its all legal, so there is no reason that this big 264 lb. part time boxer shouldn't be getting his Mike Tyson on. 

So what do you guys think?  What are some other ways to improve Big Boy's game so he can regain that '07 - '08 form?

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