My review of yesterday's mini camp

I know I've already posted this in some of the threads, but it was suggested to me that I fanpost it, which made more sense.  So if you've read it already, then ignore it, but if not, this is my synopsis of yesterday's Giants open mini-camp.

Well it was a fun day, good weather, and a good crowd. smaller than 20,000, but very energetic. As a matter of fact, there was a contingent of folks that chanted different names the whole 2 hours. Everybody from “Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, Tuck!” to “Kevin Boss(clap clap, clap clap clap)!” At one point, there was a brief “Sal Pal” chant, as Palantonio walked into the tunnel.

As for some of the things I took notice of on the field:

- It was hard to gauge how effective the defense was since it was obviously non contact. JPP made a nice play however, on an Eli bootleg, in which he threw up those long arms and swatted the ball down.  Got a nice ovation for that.
- Linval Joseph is maybe the most well put together 328 lb. man I’ve ever seen.  It’s def. not a fat 328, he looked limber and agile.
- As I reported earlier, Dom Hixon left the practice with an injury, to his right leg. It kind of looked like his knee they were looking at, but I couldn’t really tell. It was on a punt return, as he made a cut, you could see him kind of skip, and crumple to the ground. Of course, we were all going “oh no” as he laid there, and you saw the staff begin to drive the cart over. However he got up, walked with a little help at first, then on his own, with a noticeable limp. I haven’t heard anything else about it, so i don’t know how serious it is or isn’t, i’m sure Ed will have an update tomorrow.(and he does, and it's good news)!
- Noteable DNP’s: Kevin Boss, who didn’t even have his helmet. And Hakeem Nicks. I don’t know if he did any drills, I just didn’t notice him at all in any 11 on 11’s, or other drills. Also KP was dressed but didn’t do anything.
- I saw alot of Travis Beckum lining up wide. Either he started out wide, or they had him going in motion out wide.
- Ramses was out there for alot of snaps, but really didn’t make too many catches. he had one in the back of the endzone towards the end of the day that wasn’t spectacular, it was basically a blown zone coverage. of course, the crowd cheered loudly, and Ramses played it up, throwing his hands up. I like his attitude, and although he didn’t get a lot of balls thrown his way, he had a pep to his step the whole afternoon, and looked real energetic. And he looks HUGE standing next to Sinorice Moss!
- Not to many highlight reel catches by the receivers. Smith caught alot of passes, but it’s whats to be expected of him. Surprisingly, although all of the receivers got some action, Sinorice Moss(!) seemed to be all over the place. over the middle, slants, posts, he caught everything thrown his way. i know. i’m not getting excited either. Another little guy was impressing as well. #3, Cruz(?) don’t know if he’ll make the team, but he was involved alot today.
- I saw alot of DJ Ware today. they were using him in more roles than just RB though. he motioned out of the backfield once and split out, before receiving a quick screen pass to him. another time he lined up as a receiver, and again a quick screen to him. Madison Hedgecock was also lined up as wideout once! they seemed to be working on alot of quick wideout screen stuff. sinorice moss(again) was involved with that.
- Andre Brown sighting!  He was dressed, and practiced, but it was hard to tell how recovered he is from his injury. It seemed all of his plays that he was in on, were up the middle designed runs – either straight handoffs, or delayed handoffs, they had him pound it up the middle.
-There was a scuffle towards the end of the day, during 11 on 11’s. Since I didn’t see it from the beginning, I don’t know who was involved, because by time i noticed, there were about 3 dozen blue and white jerseys in a rugby pile. I ascertained from who they pulled out of it that it was Seubert, and someone else. but don’t quote me on that.
-The only other drawback besides Hixon getting hurt was the fact that an Eagle, and Cowboy fan snuck in. they were friends with other Giant fans, so other than a hearty booing, they were given a pass.

As for the stadium itself, what can I say! it’s frigging beautiful! Much bigger than the old stadium. There are screens everywhere you look. I didn’t even realize there was one over my head til I was leaving.  From the lower stands, where we all were at, it didn’t seem like a bad seat in the house.  I can’t speak for the upper sections, as I didn’t go up there. Inside the stadium they had a lot of neutral gray colored walls, which I guess you’d expect since it is shared with the Jets. I think however that as we draw closer to the season, they will add alot more flare, as was the case with CitiField(i was involved and saw the opening process of the stadium. they added things up until opening day.) And to answer GiantRB27, no, the old stadium is still standing, barely. i took some pics and stuff, so i’ll try to post a fanshot or something later.

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