My May Powerrankings just cuz

With a few post-draft power rankings making headway, I'm making my own.

2010-2011 Preseason Prediction Rankings:


1) New Orleans Saints - If you win the superbowl, you're considered the best team in the NFL till the next season starts.

2) Baltimore Ravens - I hate the Ravens, but they infused the defense with talent, added two talented TE's and picked up Anquan Boldin. They mean business.

3) Indianapolis Colts - They haven't lost many huge pieces, and they have Big Brother, which counts for a lot. I think Jerry Hughes will be nasty, and help this team out loads.

4) Green Bay Packers - A lot of people will say this is too high, but they're going to be another year into the 3-4 and be more comfortable in it. Also, Bryan Bulaga. Think about the possibility of Aaron Rodgers with time to throw. Nasty.

5) San Diego Chargers - The NFL version of the Cleveland Cavaliers - great regular season team, but chokes in the playoffs. Still, Cam Thomas is an upgrade, and Ryan Matthews is being touted as the front runner for offensive rookie of the year already.

6) Miami Dolphins - Yep. Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby are strong, strong additions, even with Marshall's injury concerns. If Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams regain and keep form, Chad Henne can grow into his own and you have a force on offense while still solid defensively.

7) San Francisco 49ers - Alex Smith/David Carr could be a potentially solid game-manager type duo. The additions of Davis and Iupati will fortify the offensive line and help out Gore/Coffee. Crabtree will be more mature, having a half-year of experience, and of course you've got superstars in Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis. Add this to a relatively weak NFC West ripe for the picking.

8) New York Jets - I can't. For my dignity and honor, I can't put the Jets in the top 5 like many sportswriters do. Sure, Santonio, the other "LT", Jason Taylor, and Antonio Cromartie are flashy additions, they are volatile enough to implode. And will they offset the leadership of Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca?

9) New England Patriots - Based on the sheer number of draft picks, I have to say a few of them will work out for Bill Belicheat. It's a bit ludicrous to put 3 teams from the same division in the top 10, but all three have been heavily involved in the offseason. Wes Welker won't be himself, but I believe this'll be a "bounce back" year for Randy Moss (though he was still very good last year)

10) Dallas Cowboys - Going to put them at the top of the NFC East simply because there's too many questions with the other teams. They were solid on both sides of the ball and have potential impact players in Sean Lee and Dez Bryant. They would've been higher had they addressed their offensive line moreso than just adding Alex Barron.

11) Cincinnati Bengals - The character concerns are there, but when have they not? They seem to do well despite this. Their chances hinge on Carson Palmer's arm. If he's on, they'll be sick nasty. If not, they could be battling the Browns to avoid the cellar.

12) Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons need offensive and defensive playmakers to seriously step up if they want to seriously contend with the Saints for the division. That means you, Michael Turner and the entire Falcons pass rush.

13) Houston Texans - The additions of Ben Tate and Kareem Jackson should fortify positions of need, but they need to beat the Colts at least once next year. C'mon is that too much to ask?

14) Philadelphia Eagles - The uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position is what knocks them down here. The loss of Brian Westbrook will hurt as well. The defense should be revitalized, but their secondary still remains a concern.

15) Minnesota Vikings - Calling it right now, if Favre returns, he's gonna suck. Nowhere near the production as last year. Just a hunch.

16) New York Giants - Right where we belong right now, middle of the pack. As an 8-8 team with a solid, not spectacular, draft (in my eyes at least), we still have uncertainty surrounding the defense. Hopefully the picks pan out.

17) Tennessee Titans - Have a lot of the pieces there, if they trade for Fat Albert, they should return to form on defense. Really dunno what happened the first half of last year.

18) Carolina Panthers - We know that they're going to start the season 0-1. They need to be punished for that whooping they gave us. Matt Moore is solid, but we don't know if he's capable of carrying the team.

19) Seattle Seahawks - I thought they had a fantastic draft, but everything hinges on Jesus imposter Charlie Whitehurst when Matt Hasselbeck inevitably goes down.

20) Chicago Bears - The addition of Julius Peppers will immediately upgrade the pass rush, and I expect a better season from Jay Cutler.

21) Oakland Raiders - They might actually be decent. The best thing they did is get rid of Jamarcus Russell.

22) Washington Redskins - Donovan will help, and their defense is underrated, but the transition to the 3-4 will not be an overnight success and Fat Albert is making a fuss.

23) Pittsburgh Steelers - The loss of the Holmes plus 6 games without Ben hurts.

24) Arizona Cardinals - Lost a lot of pieces, none perhaps as important as Kurt Warner

25) Kansas City Chiefs - They are slowly coming together in a weak AFC West. Dexter McCluster could be this year's Percy Harvin.

26) Detroit Lions - They have the potential to break into the upper echelon of the league on offense, with Stafford, C. Johnson, Pettigrew, Kevin Smith and Jahvid Best. That's a lot of potential.

27) Denver Broncos - So, your masterplan was the replace Cutler - Marshall to Tebow - Thomas. Nice, McDaniels.

28) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They'll definitely get something out of McCoy and Price, but they need more in the way of a pass rush.

29) St. Louis Rams - They will be better than last year. I mean, its not that hard to do.

30) Cleveland Browns - They are unfortunate enough to be in a tough division with interception machine Jake Delhomme

31) Jacksonville Jaguars - The addition of Alualu and Kampman helps, but they still have issues at the safety position and need more playmakers on offense.

32) Buffalo Bills - They added a backup running back while the other three teams in their division aggressively attacked the offseason


2010-2011 End-of-Year Predicted Rankings

1) New York Giants






...who cares about the rest?

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