Apples to Apples

[Note by Ed Valentine: I pushed this to the front because it is a really interesting comparison. It is amazing how often the Eagles and Giants are in the market for players at the same positions, and fun to compare who they choose and how they get there. Different styles, but two of football's best-run franchises. ]

Posted this on BGN and thought I'd like to get assessments from both sides of the coin.

Judging a draft or trying to compare one teams drafting acumen against an others is inherently problematic. Different teams have vastly different drafting philosophies. Teams value certain positions higher than other teams do. Some teams run a 3-4 defense while others run the 4-3.The talent pool at positions can vary wildly from one years draft to another and from one round to another. Lastly you have to factor in a little luck. All these factors and others make it very difficult to compare one teams drafting verse an others and truly come up with an apples to apples comparison.

The Eagles and Giants have very different drafting styles. Andy Reid and the Eagles seem to target individual players and move aggressively up and down the draft board to get their man. Jerry Reese and the Giants take a more passive approach sitting tight at their draft positions and and take the best player available on their draft board. Where Reese is seen as an excellent evaluator of talent and an astute drafter Reid is seen to be a bit scattershot with his drafting. Reid always seems to make large reaches on players(eg Matt McCoy and B. Smith) but on the other hand he has hit some spectacular home runs(eg Brian Westbrook and Desean jackson). Reese on the other hand is a steady value drafter who always seems to get talent that was rated a round higher than where he drafts them. One thing that it looks like the two teams can agree on is the value they place on certain positions on the football field. Both love their linemen and place a very high value on the quarterback position. Both teams also place a high value on their draft picks. You never see either of these teams with less than seven picks in the draft.

Eagles and Giants fans find themselves in an almost unique position of being able to pull off an in kind comparison of their scouting departments and front offices where it pertains to drafting. Over the last few years the teams have drafted the same position in the same draft and in the same round on four occasions. I find it fascinating to compare these players with the little insight we have now and watch them in the future with hopes that these players will give us some idea of which team and which drafting style is truly better. The players are as follows:

Brent Celek vs Kevin Boss
Boss was picked nine picks before Celek and started his career with a bang subbing for an injured Shocky and helping the Giants to a championship. Celek may have started off a little more slowly but had a breakout season last year many thought was Pro Bowl worthy. Although the jury is still out on this one if most people were given the choice I think most would chose Celek.

Nate Ilaoa vs Ahmad Bradshaw
We don't have to go too in depth on this one. Ilaoa didn't even make it onto the final roster where Bradshaw has become a big contributor to the Giants running game. Chalk one up for Reese on this one.

Jeremy Maclin vs Hakeem Nicks
This draft gives us a good comparison of styles. Reid moved up in the draft to snatch Maclin and the Giants waited patiently as Nicks fell to them. Both players had excellent rookie seasons and had comparable stats so it's way early to judge either as better than the other. this is certainly one to watch in the future.

Brandon Graham vs JPP
Drafted two picks apart these two are going to be fun to watch. Graham is a more polished player coming from a more respected program. Paul is raw and and less experienced but comes into the league with an impressive set of physical tools. Funny thing is that both were drafted before Derrick Morgan who was thought of as the best DE prospect in the draft.

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