An Interesting Defensive Idea

Slow week in news, so I thought I'd discuss something I remember seeing a couple weeks back.

It has been well documented both on BBV and in the general media that the reason for the Giant's slipping in the 09-10 season was primarily a lack of heart and effort from the Big Blue Defensive unit. Going in to this offseason, the primary defensive needs included added safety help (which was abysmal in the previous season) and a new MLB to replace the departed Antonio Pierce.

I still contest that our greatest defensive accomplishment this offseason was hiring former Bills defensive coordinator/interim head coach Perry Fewell, a firey, passionate coordinator who milks his players for all they're worth. He made Jairus Byrd a household name with 9 INTs in basically half a season.

Anyways, I recently went back and viewed an article with some commentary on a healing KP and an eager Deon Grant, another fantastic move that, along with the signing of ball-hawking Antrel Rolle and drafting Chad Jones, has made our formerly weak safety unit questionably one of the best in the league (barring everyone stays healthy). However, I took special note on the following when Grant was fielding questions about his playing time:

The coaches have told Grant that he'll see plenty of field time.

New defensive coordinator Perry Fewell likes to use three safeties simultaneously in his modified Tampa-2 system. At worst, the man with 26 career interceptions (three last year) would help fellow free-agent pickup Rolle cover the deep middle while Phillips, a guided missile when healthy, would walk up as a hybrid linebacker in run support.

For those that don't know, Grant hasn't missed a game since his rookie year, and has 144 consecutive starts (the NFLs fifth longest starting streak among active players). 

While this idea is definitely not a replacement for our base defense, the idea of having three ball-hawking safeties in for passing downs under the tutelage of Fewell has me practically drooling all over my keyboard. This would make for a great defense against many of our pass happy division mates (Eagles come to mind) and use the talent we have in the most effective way.

This also helps alleviate our MLB woes somewhat if this defense is implemented (i.e could even switch Bomar from MLB to DT). 


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