All This Talk of McClain

While I think most of us are in agreement that Rolando McClain would be our optimal choice for the Giants first round pick to fill our need at LB with someone who can step right in, we may need to trade up to do so (like our 4th round pick to swap with Jacksonville).  I know that a lot of us are so hyped up on McClain that it is McClain this and McClain that, so since we are all McClain happy, I thought I would take the opportunity to show how a young NFLer can take lessons from another McClain...John McClane

  • John McClane is the optimal police officer.  Even when off duty, he is still in cop-mode and willing to defeat the bad guys at a moments notice.  He eats, lives, and breathes cop.
  • John McClane listened to the advice of others, but didn't let it be used as an excuse for his failures.  Remember the guy on the plane that told him to take is shoes off and walk around with his feet balled up to combat jet lag?  McClane didn't whine throughout his defense of the Nakatomi Building that his feet hurt or complain when he had to cross broken glass...he just did what he needed to do to get the job done.
  • John McClane adapts to his surroundings.  Whether he is getting double crossed by Mr. Evans from Good Times or being run around a city solving riddles and trying to prevent bombs from going off, John McClane learns and adapts.  Although fooled by the guy that played Mr. McDowell from Coming to America, who was the one who ended up in the jet engine after fighting on the wing of the plane?  Who was the one that figured out that Scar from The Lion King wasn't trying to blow up the gold, but keep it for himself?
  • John McClane accepts help when he needs it.  Although a very capable person, John McClane knows his limitations.  He needed help solving riddles and picking locks from the robber who held up McDowell's in Coming to America and who better to help him with figuring out how to overcome the fire sale than Silent Bob and The Mac from those TV commercials.
  • John McClane makes others around him better.  Sipowicz from NYPD Blue had his head up his ass about the entire airport takeover, but came around in the end.  Nick Fury stepped up and risked life and limb to help the people of New York City and Dean from Waiting manned up, took a bullet, and shot a guy.
  • Bottom Line...John McClane gets the job DONE.  He's a perfect 4-0 when it comes to thwarting the plans of diabolical masterminds.  He won by whatever means necessary, even thinking outside the box.  He threw Professor Snape off a building, blew up a whole plane of bad guys with a lighter including Heywood from Shawshank Redemption, had telephone wires crash the helicopter carrying Tiberias from Kingdom of Heaven, and shot through HIMSELF to shoot the killer from Scream 2.  The last one being simple, but effective.


If Rolando McClain can be half as good at his job as John McClane is at his while applying the principals stated throughout this rant about John McClane...he will be an NFL beast, which is why we need to move up to be assured that we get him for our team.

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