Giants Grades

Overall, I give them a B+. While most of us can probably agree, these guys are mostly boom or bust (even for rookies) I get the sense these dudes all have good attitudes to where they will more likely fulfil their potential..or at the very least not be so black and white as to boom and bust. I think most will be solid contributers.

All of these guys, while raw, stood out on game tape for the most part. So its really not like while they're raw, they'll just doing nothing.


These guys get by on pure physical ability, so even if they don't know what they're doing...they still have natural ability that can help do what they do.

Jason Pierre Paul DE- unquestionably the most raw player in the first round. But also, quite possible the most athletic player for his size in the first round. Is it a homer to say that JPP’s got as much potential as any player in the draft? Maybe..but think about it. The things that he’s got in his favor like a quick first step, good head on his shoulders, high motor, as well as a sense that he’s gotta work hard (instead of a sense of entitlement) shows this boom or bust dude, probably ain’t gonna bust. Grade B simply cuz of his college experience

Linval Joseph DT
one of if not the strongest player in the draft, the Giants hopefully get that athletic monster they’ve been missing from their DL since Fred Robbins wore down at the end of 2008. But he’s also a bit raw…little less so then JPP, and while he can’t do back flips…The Anvil is a bit of an athletic freak too Grade B+ raw player, smallish school

Chad Jones S
as with the top 2 picks, Jerry Reese brings out his inner Al Davis and drafts an athletic freak. Jones is not a full time punt returner, but he did return one for a TD in a college game. He’s got excellent hands. HE’s also a baseball player who hasn’t focused on football as much as most of these prospects. Even so, Dreadlocks of Doom was that dude all over the field during LSU’s games knocking heads. Grade A- Jones was excellent when he was on the field..yet he’s still raw. And there were safeties that went ahead of him in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Jerry “The Watcher” Reese strikes again

Phillip Dillard MLB apparently, this was the Giants man for their MLB spot once McClain didn’t fall to them. The passed on Sean Lee, Brandon Spikes and even Darryl Sharpton in the 2nd and 3rd rounds..all cuz they felt Dillard would fall to them. He was in consideration for the third round as well, but they opted for a player higher on their board. Grade A If this dude was their #2 MLB, and they just sat back and waited till the 4th round? That’s genius right there even if the internet scouts aren’t as high on him

Mitch Petrus OG him an Linval will cause earthquakes in practice with all that strength (44 reps to Linval’s 39). Nasty bastard, who’s fits the Giants pulling OL scheme to a T. Could be a starter as a rook if he earns it. Or at least a goal line FB or a blocking TE. Love it. Grade A brings back some nastiness to the Giants running game

Adrian Tracy OLB/DE
they brought him in for a visit, produced a ton of sacks over his career..but is going to be converted from DE to OLB. Other then that…no clue. Competition for Sintim at least, most likely special teams fodder..but I think he makes the squad. Compared to a former Giant, Reggie Torbor..which is a good thing for a 6th rounder. Grade ? B+ I guess. This was one of their targets and they got em**shrugs

Matt Dodge P With the news taht Feagles may retire, this was a need pick. This guy is rated by many as the best punter in the draft. Another ECU player, so the Giants got a 2 for one with him and The Anvil Grade A+ to get the consensus best punter in the draft, when its a need..and when other punters went ahead of him? OK

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