Keeping an eye on the enemy: Rounds 1-3


New York Giants

A heavy emphasis on getting bigger and more athletic on defense was obviously the intent behind our draft. We haven't addressed our MLB situation, nor our offensive line, but in Reese I trust. As of right now, if I had to give a grade based on these picks, which is completely useless because we don't know how they'll turn out, it would be:

Jason Pierre-Paul (B-): A freakish athlete that, if brought along carefully, could step in and become an elite force from the edge. However, my humble opinion still stands that round 1 picks should be starters from day 1. Other possibilities I would have looked at were Bryan Bulaga or Derrick Morgan. I had Derrick Morgan higher on my board, and would've liked to see him in Blue, but J.P.P could be a steal as well.

Linval Joseph (A-): A big, athletic tackle with a mean streak. He's an ideal nose tackle or 3-technique for our defense. We could very well have our own William's wall with Joseph and Canty. This pick further bolsters the size of our line, ensuring that we don't get pushed around again. Only reason he's an A- in my opinion is because we maybe could have gone for Sean Lee or Bruce Campbell, who I personally had equal on my board.

Chad Jones (B): By no means does this grade mean that I don't like the pick. I just think that with Campbell, Mays, or Butler left, we would have addressed our needs with similar value. I believe that we could turn Mays into a super athletic MLB. Campbell would be fantastic value, and I'm just a big fan of Donald Butler. But Jones is a big hitter, is great value, and adds more nastiness to the defense, which is never a bad thing.

Overall grade: B (Very much a boom-or-bust draft in my opinion, but all could potentially be beastly for us next year. We still need to address the offensive line and middle linebacker position)

Now lets look at the enemy.

Washington Redskins

Well, not much to work with here, but addressing the offensive line was a must.

Trent Williams (B-): Athletic, and arguably the best ZBS OT, but Russell Okung is the consensus top-OT and should have been the pick. Not that I'm complaining, especially when I see J.P.P roaring through, pushing Williams out of the way, and destroying McNabb a la Osi/Winston Justice.

Overall grade: C (Took points off because of lack of picks and the needs that still must be addressed.)


Dallas Cowboys

Dallas was without a 3rd round pick, but more than made up for it with their 1st 2 picks. Jerry Jones traded up in both cases, once with the hated Eagles, but took clear BPA players that are sure to make an impact on both sides of the ball.

Dez Bryant (A-): Though WR was not as big of a need as OT or S, Dallas clearly got fantastic value for Bryant. With Miles Austin, Jason Witten, and the 3-headed monster at RB, Dallas is more than dangerous on offense. If Bryant doesn't pull a T.O., he could be a solid investment for the Girls. That is, if Tony Romo has enough time to throw to him.

Sean Lee (A-): Again, not addressing needs, but Sean Lee represents solid value at 55, and I personally was angered (or would it be Angerer'd) that the Cowboys of all people took him. Jerry Jones apparently had him as a 1st round grade. Looks like Keith Brooking's replacement, and could be an important piece to their defense in the future. Again, though, not addressing the safety position could haunt them.

Overall Grade: B+ (I penalized for the lack of a 3rd round pick and not addressing the safety position earlier. They have two legitimate starters, no questions asked, though, and come away with a solid 2 days' work)


Philadelphia Eagles

Its funny how the Eagles draft mirrored our own. A heavy emphasis on drafting guys with high motors that know how to play football. Two defensive lineman and one safety in the first 3 rounds. Sound familiar? The Eagles are very savvy when it comes to the draft, and I see them as our biggest rival and enemy. They landed some strong defensive talent, but you have to wonder when they will address their CB situation.

Brandon Graham (B+): This pick would have been an A had they not given up that much for him. I think Brandon Graham is an animal with a non-stop motor. The physical aspect is not there, but he makes up for it. Still, 2 3rd round picks is a little too high a price for me.

Nate Allen (A): Perfect match between value and need in my opinion. He was the best player on the board at that juncture, and instantly upgrades their FS position. Hopefully he turns into another Macho Harris and we luck out,but I think this guy is the real deal. The Eagles know how to draft. 

Daniel Te'o-neshiem (B-): A solid, extremely underrated pass rusher, but shouldn't they have addressed their CB position? They are going to be nasty on the defensive line next year, but their secondary remains a weak spot. I graded DTN as a mid-third round pick, so getting him at 86 is exactly where he should have gone.

Overall Grade: A-  (Solid picks, and added points because they have an insane amount of picks in rounds 4-7 that can greatly bolster their roster. They are the clear winners so far in the draft, in my opinion. Subtracted few points for not addressing CB need)


...Now, that doesn't mean that I'm saying the Eagles are better. They still have Kevin Kolb at quarterback, and the more ammo you have, the better your draft will be at this juncture (of course, not all the picks will pan out). So take these grades with a grain of salt, 'cause we don't know anything yet. Also, its rounds 4-7 that can really make or break a draft. I'm hoping with the 4 choices come 4 more starters for the Giants, because, even now...


....In Reese I Trust.

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