Jaguars trade away Quentin Groves: Trade for Osi coming?

This might not seem like big news, but I think this deal could be the precursor for a draft-day trade. The Giants front office has definitely being asking around about trading Osi Umenyiora, I don't think that's a smokescreen. Something like that definitely would have multiple sources from multiple front offices, unlike the standard crud that coaches and GMs start spewing, leading up to the draft (see: Josh McDaniels and Dez Bryant). 

So here's what I think's going down: The Giants' 1st round (15th overall pick) and Osi for the Jaguars' 1st round (10th overall) and possibly a 3rd or 4th round pick (maybe conditional?). *Note that the Jags don't have a 2nd rounder.

The Jaguars biggest weakness for the past couple years has been their pass rush. They've tried everything the past two years, drafting 2 pass rushers (Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves) in the first 2 rounds, switching to a hybrid 3-4 front, even signing their 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years last year. The only solution that they haven't tried, and that I suspect they're going for this year, is signing/trading for experienced pass-rushers. 

Yes, I realize they signed Aaron Kampman. He, however, is recovering from a torn ACL. If his recovery goes anything like Osi's, he'll be nowhere near 100% this upcoming season, and the Jaguars know it too. 

And if they make this trade, maybe they can save a bit of cash for when they take Football Jesus Tim Tebow. 


So now I think I've explained why the Jags would make a trade. Why would we move up to the 10th pick? I think it should be obvious.

There are a ton of players that have been linked to the Giants: Rolando McClain, CJ Spiller, Sean Weatherspoon, Jason Pierre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, Mike Iupati... the list goes on. However, none of them stand out except for one guy, Rolando McClain, the monster 6-4, 256lb ILB who was the defensive leader of Alabama's National Championship-winning team. He'll likely be gone by the time the Giants pick at 15; Denver being the most likely suitor. 

Why hasn't this happened yet? I suspect this trade, if it happens at all, will take place when the Jaguars' pick comes up. There's always the possibility, unlikely as it is, that KC or Oakland snatch up McClain first. Obviously we're not going to break the bank to move all the way up to pick 5, regardless of the bizarre "OMG! TRADE OSI AND A PAKC OF USED CONDOMS FOR THE 1ST OVERALL PICK!!! SUH IS GOD!!!" movement on BBV.

So what should the Giants do? Sit and wait for a player that fulfills a secondary need? Or be aggressive and take the best player that fills the greatest need on the roster? I say we need to get this trade done!

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