1 rd. Mock w/ Trades

Mock Draft- Round 1

I posted this over at Mocking the Draft and thought my fellow Giants fans may like to see and critique too!

This mock has many trades, but not many explanations. Reason is that I did not want to guess at what picks/players certain teams would trade to move up. I simply thought that given the opportunity certain teams would jump and give what it takes to get the certain player I have them trading for. If it doesn’t make sense leave a comment and I’ll try and rationalize it. Thanks!


1.    Rams – Sam Bradford


2.    Lions – Ndamakung Suh


3.    Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy


4.    Redskins – Trent Williams    

(heard they are interested in Trent over Okung)


Chiefs TRADE pick to Bills;

5.    Bills select (from Chiefs)- Russell Okung    

(w/Okung on the board still, and the Chiefs wanting to trade down it happens)


6.    Seahawks - CJ Spiller


Browns TRADE pick to 49ers (#13);

7.    49ers pick (from Browns) - Jimmy Clausen


Raiders TRADE pick to Eagles;

8.    Eagles select (from Raiders)- Eric Berry


9.    Chiefs (from Bills) – Dan Williams


10.    Jaguars – Derrick Morgan


Broncos TRADE pick to Packers;

11.    Packers pick (from Denver)- Bryan Bulaga

(heard the Packers were looking to move up in the draft and I fully expect Denver to move back and pick Pouncey)


12.    Dolphins – Jason Pierre-Paul

 (Parcells is looking for the next Demarcus Ware, and not counting on Jason Taylor)


13.    Browns (Traded from 49ers)- Earl Thomas


14.    Seahawks – Taylor Mays


15.    Giants – Rolando McClain    (I would be soooo happy...)


Titans TRADE pick to Cowboys;

16.    Cowboys pick (from Titans) – Dez Bryant

(Would not be surprised. Jerry Jones likes his offensive playmakers)


17.    49ers – Anthony Davis


18.    Steelers – Joe Haden


19.    Falcons – Sean Weatherspoon


20.    Texans – Kyle Wilson


21.    Bengals – Mike Iupati


22.    Patriots – Jermaine Gresham


23.    Denver (from Packers)- Maurkice Pouncey


24.    Raiders (from Eagles) – Tim Tebow

(My one pick that no one has thought of... but seriously think about it. It's Al Davis so it is possible. Tebow and McFadden in the wildcat. Tebow has a great pass catching TE in Miller. Reunites Tebow with Louis Murphy. And Raiders finally get a QB who really has a passion to play and win. Not saying I think he'll be a good QB, just saying it's Al Davis. So who really knows??)


25.    Ravens – Devin McCourty


26.    Cardinals – Charles Brown

(I expect them to try and set the 0-line up for Beanie Wells. Later in the draft they can address the defensive needs)


27.    Titans (from Cowboys)- Carlos Dunlap


28.    Chargers  Terrence Cody


Jets TRADE pick to Browns (2nd round + more);

29.    Browns pick- Colt McCoy

 (We've all heard the rumors. I think they move here to get ahead of Vikings just in case...)


30.    Vikings – Brian Price


31.    Colts – Brandon Graham


32.    Saints – Sergio Kindle

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