Look at my Giant Mock!


7 rounds. All in one!

More players and pictures!!

I'm gonna go more with some wishful thinking in this mock. Going by some mock drafts out there, seems that these players may fall into the Giants laps. All are BPA type thing there


Guess you can call this...the (Hakeem) dream draft,

1) Rolando McClain- 6"3 250lbs Alabama Junior






Obviously. The man. The Choice. He falls...that's the pick.


Now, for the good stuff.


2) Jahvid Best-RB Cal 5"10 199lbs




Believe it or not...Best is actually 3lbs heavier then CJ Spiller (199 vs. 196) and one inch shorter. Like Spiller, Best is an electric playmaker with excellent hands for any player on the field, regardless of position.


The real difference to me, is that he had that concussion problem. Now it would be a concern if it was him actually getting hit...but he did it to himself.


Tell Jahvid not to bump his wittle head in the EZ...and I think he'll be fine. Now...the only questions are...Does he fall this far? And if he does, do I have that many pairs of shorts to change into?


Round 3) Lamarr Houston DT Texax 6:3 305.





Possibly even more wishful then the first 2 rounds...


I actually saw a mock or 3 with Houston falling this far. Dunno why, he's one of the more athletic 300lbs men in the draft.


These are the sorts of players JR just sits there and watches fall directly into his lap on draft day. Is it wishful? Yes.


Can it happen? Bet your arse it could.


4) Akwasi Owusu- Ansah 6"1 200lbs Indiana PA





Here's JR's small school gem for 2010.  He's a bit raw, then again..he had 8 INT's his junior year, then subsequently avoided like the plague when he was a senior, still getting 2 picks.


He could compete and hopefully win out with our 2nd round gem, Best. And he could develop as a 4th corner for us too and hopefully fill in if/when Aaron Ross' hamstring barks again.


5) Tony Washington 6"5 311 Albilene Christian




Yes. The guy that did his sister. Putting that aside if you can, Tony's is is right up there with Bruce Campbell and Trent Williams in terms of athletic gifts for a OT.


I still would like to see WIll Beatty as our LT. And even tho Tony's an elite athlete too, his strength and nastiness (...) could make him a future starter at RT. What more could you ask from as a 5th rounder?



Round 6 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 6"3 263 Washington




Quite possibly, the steal of the draft. DTN isn't an athletic dude, tho he did quell concerns on that by running a 4.75 and looking good in drills.


One of those dudes that produced a TON in college yet for some reason falls on draft day. I don't think he's a OLB in the 3-4, so that could be a reason he plummets.


Either way, should this happen, this is a ton of value in this round and these sorts of watch and wait picks are why JR is such a great drafter.



Round 7) Kevin Matthews OC Texas A&M 6"5 298





Go for the bloodlines (worked with that QB we got) here in the 7th. Not sure how much he's on the radar of teams..but I don't think its out of the question for him to be here in the 7th.


Kevin's gonna have to bulk up, but he ain't gonna have to start right they can feed him hoagies on the bench while he picks 's brain.



SO!!! THere you have it.


7 rounds. Everyone probably a round or 2 later then what they actually go....or not?


This is basically my dream draft. What say you?

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