Picks and Trades!!

OK, so this is very unlikely...but its likely, got it?


Here's the 1st round I got

  1. St. Louis (1-15) Sam Bradford QB
  2. Detroit (2-14)Ndamukong Suh DT
  3. Tampa Bay (3-13)Gerald McCoy DT
  4. Washington (4-12)Russel Okung OT
  5. Kansas City (4-12) Eric Berry S
  6. Seattle (5-11) Derrick Morgan DE
  7. Cleveland (5-11) Earl Thomas S/CB
  8. Oakland (5-11)Jason Pierre Paul DE
  9. Buffalo (6-10)Jimmy Clausen QB
  10. Jacksonville (7-9)Joe Haden CB
  11. Denver - from Chicago (7-9)Rolando McClain ILB
  12. Miami (7-9)Dan Williams DT
  13. San Francisco (8-8) CJ Spiller RB
  14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8) Brian Bulaga OT Iowa

  What to do? No Ro, Spiller, no Morgan. Trent Williams, Tony Davis and Weatherspoon are on the board. As is Brandon Graham.


We got an offer on the table!! Eagles offer #24 + #70 for #15 and the Giants 6th rounder. SURE! says JR


Eagles can get their new toast, and the Giants trade their 6th rounder for a high third!


Philadelphia- Kyle Wilson CB - Titans, Steelers, and Texans all could've taken Wilson.
Tennessee (8-8) Sean Weatherspoon OLB (damn..)
San Francisco - from Carolina (8-8) Trent Williams OT
Pittsburgh (9-7) Jared Odrick DE (look how old their DL is)
Atlanta (9-7) Brandon Graham DE
Houston (9-7) Devin McCourty CB
Cincinnati* (10-6) Dez Bryant WR
New England* (10-6) Jerry Hughes OLB
Green Bay* (11-5) Anthony Davis OT
 NY Giants?


So...Weatherspoon, Iupati and even Brandon Graham are all off the board. Who we taking?


Maurkice Pouncey-OC Florida, that's who. Center and OG depth, maybe he starts at LG next year? Either way, for his position he may be the most talented OL next to Russ Okung in the draft.

Finishing out the 1st

Baltimore* (9-7) Jermaine Gresham TE
Arizona* (10-6) Terrence Cody NT
Dallas* (11-5) Mike Iupati OG
San Diego* (13-3) Ryan Matthews RB
New York Jets* (9-7) Sergio Kindle OLB
Minnesota* (12-4) Kareem Jackson CB
Indianapolis* (14-2) Charles Brown OT
New Orleans* (13-3) Taylor Mays S


Now during the "off day", talks get heated with the Rams for Mr. Umenyiora. Rams agree to send #33 and swap picks in the 4th round with the Giants. So now we have #33 and #97 overall. Just for those keeping track, this trade "values" Osi as worth a 2nd and late 2nd/early third rounder.


Now, just the Giants picks


#33 Carlos Dunlap-DE Florida- 6"6 277




Yes..back to back Florida picks. This ain't Spurrier's Gators, so I think the Gator curse is off for us. Pouncey will hopefully anchor our OL for the next 10 years, and Dunlap becomes the most physically gifted and imposing DE since Strahan.


Yea, he's bigger then Tuck..and played plenty of DT on passing downs for the Gators. I know he's got some character concerns, but as a pure talent he's top 10 worthy. If the GIants staff gets through to him, we got ourselves a super star and a young Strahan.


Yes..I keep mentioning #92, but that's cuz Dunlap is THAT talented to be that sort of player.


#46) Lamarr Houston DT-Texas 6"3 305





But that's #36? Well that's cuz Houston came in as a RB..but now at 305lbs, he ain't that no more (tho maybe we get a goal line fullback here?)

Houston and Dunlap are damn near identical athletically, and considering they're both gigantic, that's a great thing. The Giants get bigger, more athletic and faster along their front 4.


Build through the trenches, then let the others fall in line


Also, bye Rocky. You're supposed to be in Philly anyway...chump.


Round 3 (#70 from Eggs)


Jamar Chaney LB Miss State 6"1 245





Really, comes down to between Chaney and Sean Lee. Both whom had recent injury history in college. I go with Chaney as he's much more athletic, and also bigger as well.

Jerry Reese seems confident in who we got on the roster, so while that means they feel there's people on the roster to take the LB reigns, that doesn't mean competition isn't needed.

Chaney is very versatile, he can play any of the 3 LB spots. Either way, he improves depth and speed in the LB corps, so no matter who's starting..whether its Goff..or GASP!! Gerris Wilkinson, we have a speedy alternative.


Maybe Goff is the 2 down MLB, and Chaney and Boley are the nickel LB's?



Round 4) Akwasi Owusu Ansah- CB/KR Indiana (PA)




AOA is JR's small school pick de jour for 2010. He should actually help last years small schooler, Pharoahe Ramses Barden, get on the field.

We can cut (or trade...) Dominick Hixon and let AOA handle KR duties while he learns the defense as our nickle/dime CB. So now there's a spot open on the WR depth chart for Barden..tho he'd still have to play on ST.

AOA's also big enough and physical enough to dabble in at some safety if need be too, so it takes care of that.


Back to Hixon!!!! Giants trade him to Cleveland for pick #143 Rd. 5. They don't really need a KR, but Hixon is a home-town dude (Akron). Would they do this deal? WHo knows...but it gets done here, cuz I said so.


Cleveland has plenty of picks, and also could really use a "vet" like Hixon in that locker room.


#143) Rd 5


Deji Karim 5"9 210 Southern Illinois RB




Everyone's favorite sleeper, JR dips back to SIU for another RB, this time a "small" and fast one. Karim is a whole lot like Tiki Barber to be honest, and I think his twin brother is Nate Robinson.


This pick would allow the Giants to create a survival of the fittest comp among the RB's in camp. Karim could also battle it out with AOA for the ST duties.


#144 ) Rd 5 (yes we gots back to back now!!

Ciron Black OT LSU-6"5 330




Ciron is a mountain of a man who's got a whole hell of a lot of consecutive starts as LSU's Left Tackle. That means he's the best OL on a upper echelon SEC team, meaning he goes up against top competition.

Ciron seems to be one of those plummeters in the draft, he was a first round talent last year..but similar to others (like Sun Dial Spikes) he falls most likely cuz he's fat.


The Giants gets a steal here however, as CB is experienced and talented enough to start..possibly right away at RT or a OG position.


Round 7) Matt Dodge P 6"2 220lbs East Carolina




OK, so it ain't Zoltan. But while Mesko may have the better name, Matt Dodge has the better game. Dude averaged 45.8 yards per punt. That's almost half the field.


OK. So what did we do? No Osi and no Hixon. Allows us to commit to Kiwi along the DL. Also getting rid of Hixon can allow us to get more dynamic at the PR/KR spots.


Pouncey- future starter at OC, possible starter at LG in 2010. Beatty-Pouncey-O'Hara-Snee-Diehl is that starting OL. Yes, 2 youngins along the left side, but the left side stunk in 2009, so..yea.

Dunlap-backs up Tuck and Kiwi- Can come in and play DT on passing downs. Basically, he's got Tuck's 2007 role.

Houston- allows Rocky to be let go. Pushes Canty to do SOMETHING as well. Quick enough to be a DE as well.

Chaney- Starts in at MLB at best, or provides depth and special teams speed at worst.

AOA- Dime CB and KR/PR competition. "Project" but physically a 1st round athlete for Fewell to get going.

Karim- battles it out with the other RB's.

Ciron Black- OT depth to battle. Maybe they cut McKenzie? Could be teh 2010 version of Dave Diehl? He's very experienced, so him having a good camp could possibly allow for Beatty-Diehl-O"hara-Snee-Black to be that starting fat lineup.

Matt Dodge-KO specialist, he's gotta booming leg. I dunno what this Jy Bond character can do either.

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