My 7-round Giants & NFC East mock

I just finished my last 7-round mock in Excel, and I don't have the time to reformat it for posting here.  But here are my Giants picks with explanations, and the other NFC East picks after:


1.  Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa - I think McClain, Weatherspoon, Morgan, Thomas, and Spiller are gone.  It came down to Dan Williams, Price, Bulaga, or Anthony Davis.  I think the Giants expect more from Canty this year, while McKenzie is in all likelihood in his last year with his expensive contract expiring.  Bulaga may not be his equal as a run blocker, but he is good and he will shut off the pass rush from the right side.


2.  Brian Price, DT, UCLA - He is starting to fall in many mocks, for no apparent reason except for a failure to get his name in the news.   But he had only one big year in college, and his testing numbers don't shine.  Detroit and Tampa get their DTs in the 1st, and I think Oakland goes with the flashier Atkins.  No one else in the early 2nd is looking at DTs.  He may not be at the top of the Giants need board, but he should be at the top of their value board here, just like Sintim last year.  Price can defend the run and pressure the QB.


3.  Pat Angerer, MLB, Iowa - Tackling machine, good athlete, 5 picks as a junior.  I think Jacksonville takes McClain in the first, and Oakland grabs Chaney in the early 3rd.  Yes, for the first three rounds we are taking Oakland's second choices.


4.  Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, DB/KR, Indiana U. of Pennsylvania - People are picking him high because of his Pro Day 40, but he lacks positional skills and his combine 40 was slower, so I think he falls.  I am not picking him here as a CB or S, I think he will be no better than 4th on the depth chart at either.  I have him here for special teams.  Not only returning kicks, but also in kick coverage.  He has straight line speed and good strength.  I think he will make a great gunner, one of the most important and overlooked needs for the Giants.


5.  Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame - Koets and Seubert are not real centers.  We need a more experienced backup, and although Olsen is a converted guard, he at least has a full season at the position under his belt.  O'Hara is one of our older players, and I think Olsen projects to be a similar type player.


6.  Kyle McCarthy, S, Notre Dame - Played strong safety in college, defensive captain (leadership), good tackler, good agility.  Caught my eye at the combine.  Will contribute on special teams, fight Johnson for a safety spot, or try to hold on to a spot until Grant is gone.


7.  Keenan Clayton, LB, Oklahoma - A good-sized safety that Oklahoma converted to a weakside linebacker two years ago.  Fast, addresses the defensive speed issue.  Will help on special teams.


I did not pick a RB.  None called out to me in the right slots, and the Giants already have 5 on their roster.  I think management is more confident than the fans.  I thought about a blocking TE late, but I think we can get one as an undrafted free agent.  Some may be disappointed with no Zoltan, but it looks like the Australian guy will be challenging Feagles.  Also could have gone kicker, but I figure that will also be addressed outside the draft.  But I did consider special teams contributions when making my picks.  Our coverage teams need work, and I think that will be how a lot of guys make the roster this year.



1.  Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

4.  Major Wright, S, Florida

5.  Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State

7.  Stephen Williams, WR, Toledo



1.  Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

2.  Vladimir Ducasse, G, UMass

3.  Jared Veldheer, T, Hillsdale

4.  Brian Jackson, S, Oklahoma

6.  David Pender, CB, Purdue

7.  Michael Greco, S, South Florida



1.  Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

2.  Daryl Washington, LB, TCU

2.  John Jerry, G, Mississippi

3.  Darrell Stuckey, S, Kansas

3.  Roddrick Muckelroy, LB, Texas

4.  Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

4.  Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

5.  Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri

6.  Brandon Lang, DE, Troy

6.  Nate Collins, DT, Virginia

7.  Shawnbrey McNeal, RB, SMU

7.  Sherrick McManis, CB, Northwestern

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