Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois

The 2010 NFL Draft is getting closer and closer. That means, of course, that there will only be a couple more of these Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profiles.

We have talked about the Giants' need to get younger on the offensive line. Today, let's look at another player who might fit as a guy who could at the very least upgrade the depth at the guard position -- Jon Asamoah of Illinois.

Let's take a closer look at the 6-foot-4, 305-pounder.

Jon Asamoah Scouting Reports

From Draft Countdown.

Ideal height and bulk ... Is super athletic ... Quick and Agile ... Nimble feet ... Nice balance and body control ... Terrific mobility and range to pull and get to the second level ... Has a fantastic motor and finishes his blocks ... Tough ... Extremely Versatile ... A great work ethic.

Good all-around player who is effective in pass pro and as a run blocker ... Possesses a superb mix of physical tools and intangibles ... Best fit may come in a zone blocking scheme ... Profiles as an NFL starter and will at the absolute least be a valuable backup.

From the National Football Post.

Asamoah is a coordinated athlete in space and looks natural when asked to pull and break down at the second level. He's quick to get out of his stance and uses his body well to shield defenders away from the ball. But he isn't overly powerful in his lower half and struggles to consistently get a push as an inline run blocker. Asamoah looks more natural on the move on slide-down blocks when he can use his length and body control to eliminate blockers.

From NFL.com.

Asamoah has enough size for a guard at the next level. Possesses great quickness and agility and can pull and get out in front. Has long arms. Is a smart player who understands his team’s protection schemes. Is a tough guy with an impressive work ethic.

Could afford to put on more bulk. Does not react and recover as well as we’d like to see in pass protection.

Why Asamoah fits with the Giants

The poor performance of Rich Seubert in 2009. The fact that somebody has to replace Adam Koets. The fact that Kevin Boothe is barely adequate as a backup. Asamoah profiles as the athletic type of guard the Giants like, somebody who can pull and get out to the edges.

Why the Giants should pass

At 6-foot-4, 305 pounds the one area where Asamoah is questioned by some is physical strength in the middle. That's not a good thing when you have to line up against Albert Haynesworth and Jay Ratliff.

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