Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa

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Former New York Giants General Manager George Young excelled at collecting unsung, quality offensive linemen without using high draft choices to get them.

It is a philosophy the Giants have never strayed too far from, and it is reflected in their current offensive line. Starting left guard Rich Seubert was brought in as an undrafted free agent in 2001. Starting left tackle David Diehl was a fifth-round selection in 2003. Going back to the Young era you can find several other examples.

Point being, the offensive line is one of those positions for which you can undoubtedly find starting-caliber players in the middle- to late-rounds of the NFL draft. And sometimes beyond.

Which brings me to the subject of today's Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile. Kyle Calloway of Iowa is a 6-foot-6, 323-pound player with experience at both tackle spots and at guard. If you had to pick one middle- to late-round lineman who stands a pretty good shot at becoming an excellent pro Calloway might be the guy.

Let's take a closer look.

Kyle Calloway Scouting Reports

From NFL.com.

Calloway is another in a long line of Iowa linemen that should have a long career in the NFL. He is not the elite athlete that Gallery or Steinbach were but he has enough initial quickness to get out to pick up the edge rusher. He has excellent hand use and will consistently work to finish his blocks off and has a bit of a nasty temperament on the field. Enough of a knee bender to stay under his pads and will bring his feet with him to sustain and redirect blocks with movement. While he has played tackle on both sides as well as some at guard his best position is probably going to be on the right side in the NFL.

From the National Football Post.

Calloway does a nice job keeping his base low in the run game and creates a real pop on contact. Possessing the ability to get his feet around opposing lineman and seal them from the ball, he's a flexible athlete who exhibits good short-area quickness. Displays a real toughness about his game and works hard to stay on blocks on the move.

Exhibits smooth footwork in pass protection and does a nice job sitting into his stance when anchoring on contact. Displaying only average range in pass protection, Calloway doesn't consistently lock on to defenders outside ... Calloway is just that kind of tough, gritty right tackle that gets it done. He isn't a great athlete, but he has enough quickness to his game to man a right tackle spot at the next level.

From DraftAce.

Elite size. A three-year starter at left tackle. Has also seen playing time at guard. Decent quickness off the snap. ... Looks clumsy at times, like he isn't comfortable with his size.

Doesn't project as anything more than a marginal starter. At worst, he'll be a solid backup that can play both tackle positions which makes him a decent late 3rd or 4th round selection.

Why Calloway fits with the Giants

Versatility and value. From the fourth round on, it would seem Calloway would be an excellent value. And would be a player who would have an excellent shot at being more than a reserve lineman. Maybe Calloway has the skills to eventually replace Kareem McKenzie at right tackle.

Why the Giants should pass

Should they? Sure, if they address offensive line depth earlier. If not, and he is available to them late, why not? At the very least he provided the possibility of becoming a backup lineman who can fill multiple positions.

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