Free Agency Preview: More defensive players to consider

With the start of free agency just a couple of days away we have spent some time this week discussing players who might be able to help our defensively needy New York Giants. We have already looked at middle linebackers and safeties.

Today, let's look at other defensive players who could be of help to Perry Fewell's defense in 2010. I am going to give you five names to consider. I have no inside information, I'm just tossing out names of players who might be appealing to the Giants. Use Walter Football for a complete list of available free agents.

  1. Aaron Kampman (DE) -- Kampman, 30, is a pas-rush specialist who was a misfit in Green Bay's 3-4 defense last season when the Packers tried to play him at outside linebacker. He played just 9 games in 2009 due to a torn ACL. I have seen Kampman's name connected to the Giants in various reports, some more credible than others. A Kampman signing would likely be bad news for Osi Umenyiora's future in New York.
  2. Julius Peppers (DE) -- He is a big name and a big talent. But, the soon-to-be former Carolina Panther is also a huge headache. As with Kampman, a Peppers signing would probably mean the end in New York for Umenyiora. Me? This is a guy I want nothing to do with. Difference-maker, yes, but doesn't play hard all the time. Think he is going to play hard EVER once he caches in his big payday?
  3. Dunta Robinson (CB) -- I find this very unlikely, but I have seen some of you talk about Robinson. So, I put his name on the list. He is unrestricted, just 28 and has a reputation as a very good cover corner. I'm not so sure, though. Pro Football Focus ranked Robinson 98th among corners in 2009 with a -11.7 rating. The guy had no interceptions. In 2008, PFF ranked him 66th at -4.0. From what I read, he is a guy looking for big money. Seems like he might not deserve it. Besides which, cornerback does not seem like a spot where the Giants would spend big this off-season.
  4. Rod Hood (CB) -- A journeyman defensive back who is still just 28. I mention Hood because I know that when he left Philadelphia a few years back the Giants had interest in him. He would be an upgrade as a nickel corner over Kevin Dockery, and probably Bruce Johnson.
  5. Cato June (LB) -- Released by the Bears, June, 30, is another guy the Giants had interest in a couple of seasons ago. I honestly don't know how much June has left, but he does have a lot of experience in a Cover 2 type scheme, and he could at least provide some outside linebacker competition.

To me, Kampman is the really intriguing name to watch on this list. I have no idea if he is a guy the Giants really would make a run at, but it would be an interesting development.

'Boomer & Carton' this morning predicted a huge Giants offer for Peppers. I will believe it when I see it.

Any available guys I have not mentioned that you might like to see the Giants pursue?

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