Mocking the Draft...Giants draft

Over at MTD, I'm repping the Gints in their 32 team ""live"" mock draft. Just figured I'd show WHO fell and some reasoning for em

Round 1) Rolando McClain-



Yup, he fell...and obviously, I didn't pass. I dunno how else to explain this one other then THANKS!

BTW, he's #25 :)

Round 2) Nate Allen S South Florida



Yes, the Giants signed Antrel Rolle.

No that doesn't solve the safety problem. Kenny Phillips may (according to KP) or may not (according to Coughlin) be back for the start of the season. Either way, getting a safety before the end of April is a good idea.

I would've waited on said safety, but Nate Allen is just too good to no draft. He was basically my BPA at this point. I could've went with Lamarr Houston if I was going for more of a "need", but Allen is just too good of a player

Round 3) Linval Joseph DT East Carolina



Another one that doesn't need much explanation. Joseph may or may not be a NT, but either way he's gigantic and extremely athletic. He plays the run and has a ton of upside (he's only a junior). I'd be thrilled for these 1st 3 rounds to be line this.

Round 4) Ben Tate RB Auburn



The 1st 3 picks were all BPA picks..and in similar Jerry "The Watcher" Reese fashion, they were all needs as well.

Ben Tate offered up my first dilemma of the draft. Tate was basically my BPA at this point but I really wanted to dip into the OL pool. Matt Tennant was right there. Tony Washington (dude who banged his sister...) was right there too.

In the end I went with Tate. He'd instantly be the most physically gifted RB on the team and hopefully he could offer up something to the team in the event that all the RB's here already are all OK (....not likely).

Round 5) A.J. Edds LB Iowa



I think this is the only one I'll really have to defend myself on. Its not so much AJ Edds, cuz in the 5th round I think he's a solid pick.

But Jamar Chaney, without my knowlegde, was actually on the board too...and I've been looking at the idea of drafting him regardless of whether they got McClain.

Chaney's elite athleticism would probably play better on the outside, and in the 5th round!! I'm a little Angerer that I didn't see that Chaney was on the board still..but oh well, doesn't really matter does it??

So...the draft looks like...

1) Rolando McClain

2) Nate Allen

3) Linval Joseph

4) Ben Tate

5) AJ Edds (or Jamar Chaney....)

In rounds 6 and 7 I'm gonna look for some OL help --John Estes, Kenny Alford, Kevin Matthews and Jeff Byers are all still available, and maybe another DE or something.

Whaddya think? Keep in mind, this was live and had actual people choosing in front of me, all pretty knowledgeable fans who know what their team needs are ... or as much as any fan could know.

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