Ed makes a very good point

I saw that a lot of people weren't very high about the giants drafting Derrick Morgan because he wouldn't be starter, could potentially cause a rift, and there are much more needs rather than DE.

But he is the 5th or 6th BEST overall player in this draft on most boards. Some scouts have derrick morgan as the best defensive player in this draft behind eric berry.

As for playing time, it's not like anyone else not named Rolando McClain is going to start anyway (Unless reese thinks Weatherspoon can play MLB, which in my opinion, he doesn't.):


1. C.J Spiller: An explosive player who can make an immediate impact on special teams. Gilbride could also design some plays for him and use him on 3rd down to make mismatches against linebackers. It's not like C.J Spiller is going to become the featured back in our offense.

2. Brian Price: A lot of people love this guy. He has an extremely explosive first-step. But will he become a 3-down player in the NFL? Or at least a successful one from day 1? In my opinion, I don't really think so. He reminds me a lot of Osi. Osi had the 2nd most sacks in the country in college because of his explosive first-step, but its not like he's leading the NFL in sacks today. Brian Price, I feel, would come on the field on 3rd down alongside Jay Alford to effectively pressure the QB with both of their incredibly talented burst off the snap (I even believe Osi was training Alford in that department during the offseason. A combo of Price and Alford on passing downs would be sick).

I don't even think Price will start either, just a situational pass rusher just like Osi. (Although Osi will never accept the fact that he is.)

3. Earl Thomas: I don't think this should even be mentioned, really. But anyway, Earl Thomas would serve as competition, rotation, or insurance if KP doesn't stay healthy or Antrel Rolle doesn't pan out the way the Giants hope -- bah, I'll stop going on from here, you get my point here, Thomas wouldn't start.

4. Sean Weatherspoon: Sean Weatherspoon was considered a mid-2nd round prospect before he lit up the combine and is now projected to go as high as 15 overall, to us. Now, if we plan on using a Tampa-2 defense, Weatherspoon (or Angerer) would be a great addition with his excellent speed, range, and ball skills in coverage. But I don't think we'll run a Tampa-2 as our base defense. I think we'll just run a "multiple" front, just a mixture of everything. Our scheme will be unpredictable, and most importantly -- fit our talent's strengths. I'm not sure Weatherspoon will be a successful 4-3 ILB. He's not someone who can diagnose plays as well as McClain, or shed blocks consistently like a Sean Lee or McClain. Weatherspoon's a much better fit at OLB where can use his very, very impressive sideline to sideline speed to make tackles and fly around the football field. As an ILB, he's going to be shedding blocks more often than not. I just don't think Reese and Coughlin see him as our 4-3 MLB of the future, and we're committed to Michael Boley at OLB.

Unless Rolando McClain falls to 15, which will be a steal if he does, Derrick Morgan would be a very good pick for the Giants unless we trade down. He's one of the top 5 best overall players for the draft and has played all over the defensive line. He gets tired and worn down in games, so maybe he can thrive in our rotation. He can back-up and push Tuck similar to Kiwi and Osi at LE. It's not like Tuck doesn't tend to tire easily too. How many times have we seen him sucking air at the 4th quarter? They would make a combo. Plus I think Kiwi is definitely going to leave the Giants once free agency begins for him. 


You can never have too many pass rushers.

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