Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa

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We can argue all day about whether or not the Giants need another tight end. I believe that should the right blocking tight end be available late in the draft snapping him up would be a good idea for GM Jerry Reese.

That said, let's use today's Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile to look at a player who might fight the description of the kind of guy I would love to see the Giants add to their offense.

Tony Moeaki of Iowa.

Moeaki is one of those guys who could be a terrific value later in the draft. A Carl Pavano-esque injury history, though, makes him a huge risk despite his apparent talent.

Let's take a closer look.

Tony Moeaki Scouting Reports

From the National Football Post.

He might be the best blocking tight end in the nation. Possesses the athleticism to quickly get into blocks Moeaki exhibits impressive natural power and leverage on contact and is a bear to disengage from. Has the lower body strength to consistently win at the point of attack and possesses ideal technique and hand placement. Has the ability to eventually win a starting tight end spot on an NFL roster because of his ability to block and contribute in the pass game. Can win battles in both the run and pass game.

(Yes, I put the stuff about blocking in bold on purpose).

From NEPatriotsDraft.com.

Moeaki is a beast in the passing and running game that has trouble staying on the field. If he can get over the durability issue, he the best all-around TE prospect in the draft.

Pros: Inline Blocking, Size, Strength
Cons: Durability
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

From Draft Ace.

Very good hands. Has the ability to make difficult catches in traffic ... An impressive blocker ... A major injury risk.

A very talented tight end who has a ton of upside. However, he just can't stay on the field. There's no reason to believe his string of injuries will end anytime soon, making him too much of a risk to select before the 4th round. If healthy, he could develop into a starter, but at this rate he'll never be on the field long enough to earn that role.

Why Moeaki fits with the Giants

Value. This is a guy who has the talent to go early, but his injury history likely will have him going late in the draft. The other reason is blocking. You know I believe the Giants need a big-time blocking tight end to complement Kevin Boss, and the phrase "might be the best blocking tight end in the nation" definitely has to get your attention.

Why the Giants should pass

All those injuries, of course. Otherwise, this is a player who could provide tremendous value in the later stages of the draft. Of course, you would also say 'pass' if you believe drafting a tight end would be a waste for the Giants.

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