Worst Losses in Giant's History

I'm not bitter, it's just an interesting discusion.  Bill Simmons has been talking all week about levels of losing and Stomach punch moments.  Obviously, we are not long suffering by any stretch of the imagination but I'm interested from a historical stand point.  Hell, I'm still high from 2007.

Candidates I can think of (in no particular order):

The Trey Junkin game: I lied, this is first for a reason.  The biggest collapse in playoff history, courtesy of Johnny Lynn not adjust to SF putting TO in the slot where he abused Sehorn the entire second half, Shaun Williams getting kicked out of the game and nullifying 15-yd penalty, Shockey stone-handing a TD pass, The Junkin snap, and the no-call pass interference on Tackle-Eligible Rich Seubert.  That's a lot of bad stuff happening, I think that's my winner. 

Obviously there are the two historic losses:


The Greatest Game Ever Played.  Made famous for putting the NFL on the map, but I'm pretty sure this is George's #1 Loss.  In the first and only NFL overtime championship, Frank Gifford swears he ran for a first down but is marked short.  The Giants punt and Johnny Unitas invents the 2-minute drill for the win.

The Fumble: Too long ago for me, but the final straw that broke fans' backs who had stayed fans through the Wilderness Years.  The Fumble is like Civil War battles that the North and South had different names for.  No Giant fan should refer to it as the 'M' word.  This loss led to the hiring of George Young, and the invention of the victory formation.


Other losses I can remember:

The Super Bowl Loss:  This was just a full-fledged butt-whipping.  Even the Strahan says he doesn't remember it.  It's hard to be too torn up about it when I've blocked it from my memory.  The real shame is the great moments from that season we would still be talking about if that was not how it ended.  Fassel's "All-in" press conference (the only memorable press conference that was not embarrasing for the guy) which somehow has not been made into a Coors Light commercial.  And the 41-0 destruction of the Vikings, followed by The Duke's "Worst NFC Champions" Speech.

2006 vs the Titans:  The pinnacle of the Hufnagel losses, 30+ passing plays with a 30 point lead allow the Titan's to come back.  Kiwi lets go of Vince Young sack.  Plax doesn't tackle Pacman Jones on an interception that was about 50 feet over his head.

2005 Playoff Loss to the Panthers.  Terrible game plan, terrible execution, embarrassment of the best team of the Eli/Tiki era in front of a home playoff crowd.

2005 @Seattle, Jay Feely misses everything.

1994 vs Dallas for the NFC East Title: Emmit Smith literally beats us with one hand.  200+ yards with a separated shoulder that he couldn't move. 

The 2003 Brian Westbrook game-winning punt return game:  This was a terrible game.  I was at this game and it was there my love-affair with David Tyree started.  Since he was the only person who earned his paycheck at all that game.  David Tyree was the hero of the Giant's upper-deck season ticket holders during the pre-Eli slump.  I still swear there was a clip in the middle of the return.  When I got back home Chris Berman called the game "Three Hours in the Dentist's chair."

2001 vs. Eagles, I don't hate it that much, as it was the greatest trick play ever that didn't work.  I've never seen a trick play that didn't work, be the #1 highlight on SportsCenter for two weeks in a row.  Trivia: it was a busted play, it was supposed to be a double pitch with the pass going to Toomer first, then Tiki to Dixon, but Toomer was covered.  Ron Dixon takes off 90 Yards and gets tackled at the 4 because Joe Jurevichus can't block one guy.


What's everyone else Stomach Punch games?

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