Favorite Players???

First, let me introduce myself…  I have been reading BBV since the beginning of the season and it is by far the best Giants blog out there (Ed, you do a great job).  I started reading Giants blogs last offseason and I have finally stopped reading the rest and joined BBV.  Nothing compares to this one and I finally couldn’t take reading the garbage on all the other ones, most notably the blog over at  It used to be entertaining but it’s just insult after insult over there and a waste of time to read.  The articles are still worth reading but all the discussion is useless.  I am a diehard Giants fan for 24 years and I enjoy reading all the intelligent discussion here at BBV from other diehard fans like me. 

Being from Syracuse you would think that I would have a lot of Giants fans to discuss the Giants with but that is not the case.  The only fans I have to talk Giants with are my father and a buddy from College who is from Long Island.  Most people here are Bills or Eagles fans (because of McNabb of course) and it drives me insane.  I can’t wait until McNabb is off the Eagles so everyone stops rooting for them and the news paper stops covering them.  Growing up, in middle school and high school everyone was on the 49ers/Cowboys bandwagon and I was literally the only Giants fan in school, or at least the only one who showed it.  So to make a long story short I’m glad I found a place with all Giants fans discussing all Giants all the time.  It’s like a dream come true.

So, for my first post I wanted to keep it light. Even though it is off topic of the off season talk, draft, free agency, etc., it is something that interests me because I have never had a huge group of Giants fans to talk to.  My questions are…

Who is your favorite current Giants player?


Who is your favorite all-time Giants player (not on the current roster)?

I would like everyone to choose one player because I know everyone likes a lot of players but there is always that one player who is your “favorite.”

My favorite current Giants player used to be Osi.  The minute we drafted him I told my friends watch out this guy is gonna be something special.  They all said wtf! Yea ok, who is this guy?  Well, they found out in 2005 and he was something special, and I really think he still can be.  I am on the give him one more year bandwagon.  Even though I understand why some people want to trade him, I just think he can make everyone shut their mouth and have a bounce back year this year and I think he deserves that chance.  My brother got my father a dog for his birthday last year and he named him Osi so the Giants better keep himJ.  I’m also not in favor in trading Jacobs but that’s another discussion.

But, a favorite player can change and there’s nothing wrong with that.  My favorite current Giants player is Kenny Phillips.  The minute we drafted him I had a feeling he was gonna be a beast.  Add to the fact he is #21, which is my high school and college lacrosse number made it a no brainer that he had to be my favorite.  I just hope he can come back from that surgery and be an impact player again.  It’s just unfortunate that an injury like that happened to him but I really think that he will bounce back and be a dominant player again.

My all time favorite player is Rodney Hampton.  This is because he is the first player I really remember growing up and he was a beast.  His jersey was my first Giants jersey I owned and he was a stud on some poor Giants teams in the 90’s.

I guess I am curious to know who other diehard Giants fans favorite players are (1 current and 1 all-time player).  The one guy who really stands out above the rest as your favorite.  If enough people respond I’ll tally the answers and post results later on just for fun.

Thanks for reading!

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