Draft Debate

I know I know, it’s early, the season isn’t even over yet. Trust me, I still believe we will make and go deep into the playoffs. All of that being said, I’m in the middle of final exams and I need a study break so this fanpost is going to be about the draft.

I’m not going to do a mock draft or talk to you about WHO I think the Giants will pick come next Spring, but I’m going to talk about a few positions and how I think they will be addressed.  

Cornerback: You have to love this cornerback class. Good year for cornerback to be a position of need for the Giants. I like our starters, but two good corners aren’t going to cut it in the Beast. DJax, Maclin, Bryant, Austin etc. All of that being said, I don’t think we take a corner just because. Since they aren’t going to start right away, we don’t need the most polished guy out there. Look for a physical freak; either ridiculously fast, very physical, or both. The Giants don’t shy away from drafting DBs in the early rounds.

Options: Brandon Harris (Miami), Jimmy Smith (Colorado)

Offensive Tackle: Our left tackle is up in the air. Diehl is no longer the player he once was. I have a bad feeling about Andrews, I don’t think he can handle the rigors of an NFL season. Beatty has talent, but a lot to prove. Kareem Mackenzie has put together a fantastic season, but let’s not forget, he’s been lucky to stay healthy this season, he used to be the least healthy of our linemen. In all honesty though, this OT class is not great. I don’t think we go first round here. Derrek Sherrod and Gabe Carimi will be solid I think, but they won’t be stars. If JR does one thing consistently, he’ll take a risk in the first round to find a star. See: JPP. Look for guys they can develop.

Option: Joseph Barksdale (LSU)

Linebacker: The Giants will never draft a linebacker early. Or at least that’s how the line goes right? Clint Sintim may not be working out, but he was an early pick. Goff is doing a solid job in the middle and unless Greg Jones falls to us in the SECOND round, there’s no way we go mike. The guy has to be a physical freak to be a first round pick, so look for Bruce Carter or Travis Lewis. I like Akeem Ayers, and I think he has the versatility to play 4-3, unlike Sintim. Even if Sintim is showing something to the coaches, Bulluck is not long for the Giants and Reese loves depth so I genuinely believe we go backer early.

Options: Bruce Carter (UNC), Travis Lewis (OU), Akeem Ayers (UCLA)

Running Back: Big Jake is running well but I still thing that his time with the Giants is running out. The Giants have OPENLY admitted that they worry about Bradshaw’s durability. A running back will be picked, it’s just a matter of which round. I’m begging for a back with breakaway speed. A bruiser to replace Jacobs might not be a bad thing either.  Murray out of OU is an explosive player and as ridiculous as player comparisons are, I see him as a Marshall Faulk, Tiki Barber type. He caught 52 passes this season. He’ll go early as well. Daniel Thomas is that big bruiser who is slightly underrated. IMHO, he is the next of a rare breed, a feature back in the NFL. He does everything well, run, catch, block...and he can even run the wildcat as he has played some quarterback. My one worry is his ability to create when there isn’t anything there.  

Options: Mark Ingram (Alabama), Demarco Murray (OU), Daniel Thomas (K-State)

This is more than long enough. Let me know what you guys think. I love draft debate.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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