Anatomy of a player's performance: LT William Beatty



After having a discussion with Tito over our thoughts of Beatty's performance against the Skins, I decided to go back and review the game. With the help of my DVR, I watched each of the offensive plays and I specifically focused on Beatty for each play (don't worry, it didn't take as long as you might think). Utilizing the same grading system that I was subjected to in college, I believe I came up with a fair analysis of his performance this Sunday.

Since I have now way of knowing what the play call for each play was and what Beatty's specific assignment was, I am in no way claiming this as scientific. If it looks like he was beaten on the play, it counts as a negative. If he got called for a penalty, it counts as a negative. If it looks like he is lost on the play, he probably missed an assignment, and it counts as negative... I think you get the point.

By my count Beatty had 10 negative plays:

1. Holding could have been called (pass)

2. Missed assignment (run)

3. Pressure on Eli (pass)

4. Hold (pass)

5. Missed assignment (run)

6. Negative run block (run)

7. Hold (pass)

8. False start

9. Holding could have been called (pass)

10. Negative run block (run)

The Giants had 61 Offensive plays Sunday, giving Beatty a score of 83.6% (51/61). Not a bad grade. However, since not all negative plays are created equal it doesn't tell the whole story.

Beatty was penalized 3 times for 25 yards. Additionally there were two other plays where the refs would not have been faulted if they called holding on him, but he got away with it. If the game had been more competative, these could have been really costly errors. However, these are correctable errors, and Fox was highlighting the fact that Beatty was getting instruction from Coach Flaherty (doesn't get enough praise IMO) and was able to make the adjustments during the game.

On the bright side, Beatty had the key seal block on each of Jacobs' touchdown runs. Overall he got good a good push during running plays, smothered pass rushers during passing plays, and finished his blocks. He was matched up against arguably the Skins' best defensive player in Orakpo and shut him down. In the end the Giants extended their sackless streak to 5 games, which is pretty darn impressive.



In my opinion, I feel Beatty had a fairly solid game. Solid performance plus avoidable miscues means he probably earned a Kwillie.

With Andrews still out with his back issues, O'Hara still unlikely to return soon, and Diehl coming back hopefully next week, I think their best chance for success is the lineup of: Beatty, Diehl, Seubert, Snee, McKenzie.

Either way, I feel confident with Beatty at LT.

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