To TC's defenders

I just finished reading Lupica's article about why TC should stay. And thought this has been done to death, .. its a slow day at work so what the heck.

In TC"s defence.
1. Its not his fault Eli Manning tosses so many picks.
2. He has done better than the defence , the offence the GM and just about everyone else.
3. He cannot get on the field and play for the Giants.

Also of interst was his final comment ,  "Tom Coughlin has earned the right to finish his contract. He doesn't get an extension this time. He doesn't have to worry about being a lame duck because he became one the last couple of weeks."

So we should keep the lame duck coach, because its the right thing to do? Hmm.. an interesting concept.. doing the right thing.

Why TC needs to go in case that wasn't obvious.
1. Yeah its on Eli , but raise your hands if you thing we can kick his ass to the curb... What no hands? I didn't think so.
2. TC's teams have mostly stayed down when behind , I am no expert on football game planning but it seem , we cannot make in game changes.
3. Puzzling personnel decisions (Reynaud makes it on the roster for the full year,  Cruz ends up on IR for a hammie pull).
4. An unwillingness to take a chance on youth (Linval Joeseph being inactive for the most part , "Pro-bowler" Shaun walking in after missing way too much time)

5. TC's teams are always reacting, not setting the pace. (And not reacting well I might add).

6. Loyalty to bad coordinators (Tom Quinn, incase you've never been on this forum).
7. Late season collaps , every single year (leave 2007 out, since we now know that was a perfect storm, not the beginnings of a dynasty).
8. As head coach , the buck stops here.

9. Do you really see TC  coaching too much longer , even if we keep him one more year? Do you see TC doing anything different? What are his options really? His wiggle room would be a lot less than a new coach.
10. Finally You fire no-one it proceeds as business as usual.. You fire someone , it puts everyone on notice.

And I leave you with Chris Snee's immortal words in defence of his father in-law.

"Two weeks ago no one was saying that. Now two weeks later everyone changes their viewpoint of the guy? It's absurd."
Wait there is more...
"But somebody has to take the blame, I guess."

Good Job , Chris .. remind me never to call you in to defend me ...


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