A Fun Little BBV Betting Game

     Upon Reading the game treads on BBV the last two weeks and seeing the misery that the Giants performance on the field has caused my football fan brothers to the north, I decided to come up with a little betting game that can distract you when the Giants' performance is not up to par or to keep you interested while they are blowing out one of the NFL's weak sisters. 

     How it works is I will set an over/under number for how many times a certain subject matter or phrase is posted in the game thread and you guys can either pick against me or just count them up to see how close I come to the real number.

Over/Unders for the Washington game thread  1/2/2011

Posts with "Fire Tom Coughlin" in it

 This one really depends on how the team is doing.  I'm going to say it will be a close game with the Giants winning in the end

The Pick 54

Posts that complain about Tuck or Osi being in coverage

Depends on how badly the player is burnt or how anemic the pass rush is during these plays.

The Pick 19

Posts that tell us it's not Eli's Fault

Since Eli averages a little over two turnovers a game and he has a nice group of people here that have his back, I'll go a little high.

The Pick 32

Posts that have the phrases "Fire Quinn" or "Our special teams suck" in them

Now we're getting into some of the high number picks.

The Pick 140

Posts that complain about holding calls that the refs miss

This one is huge

The Pick 296

Posts where one Giants fan calls another a troll for making a negative comment

This one is getting more and more frequent

The Pick 23

Posts that begin "With all the talent on this team" but end with a negative comment

Starting to see this one here almost as often as on the Cowboys site.

The Pick 48


Good Luck picking.  If you enjoyed this game and the Giants somehow make it into the playoffs I would be happy to post some Over/Unders for that game.

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