On the Giants playoff hopes...

I would like to forewarn the reader of this post that this will most likely be an angry-sounding curse-ridden rant. But I'm sure that's what we are all kind in the mood for anyway. Even as I type this, the Giants came continues in the backroom, but I find myself absolutely unable to watch my favorite team on Earth get killed in one of the most significant games of the year and essentially throw away their playoff hopes. But I'm here to say something some may find radical, but something I feel needs to be said. It may be unpopular but this is my viewpoint and I am not one to keep my opinion quiet. So, take it or leave it, here it is.

I hope the Giants don't make the playoffs.

Before I get to my explanation, hats off the Green Bay Packers. Despite a plethora of injuries and dozens of setbacks throughout the season for a team that was favored by some, myself included, to win the Super Bowl, they have managed to keep themselves in the playoff race and beat a very good Giants team today to thrust themselves right back in the thick of things in the Wild Card race. So, seriously good for you. No bad blood from me. How could there be? You outplayed us, and you capitalized on every given opportunity. You guys took everything we gave you. Which brings me...

To my explanation. Yes, the Giants are my favorite team in any sport on the planet. I like them better than my Bungals, my Dukies, my Huskers, and my boys the Crew over in Columbus. How can i not want them in the playoffs? We simply don't belong there. We haven't earned it, we aren't good enough, we don't deserve it, and all those other reasons probably do bear some truth to them, but my reason is different.

We really don't look like we want it.

For two straight weeks now, we have had a chance to clinch a playoff berth. The job was simple. 60 minutes. Play 60 complete minutes of gung-ho football and do what we know we can do and win a game, thereby clinching the playoffs. Last week, we came out and played 52 1/2 minutes of some of the best football I have seen all year period, and against a division rival at that. But 52 1/2 minutes is just not 60 minutes. In fact 60-52 1/2= 7 1/2. That's 7 1/2 minutes of amazingly sub-par foot ball. 28 points allowed in 7 1/2 minutes in one of the most epic collapses i have seen all year, or in my entire football watching career for that matter. So against a hated division rival, we trip on the playoff doorstep and break our faces, leaving the door wide open for the Eagles to waltz right into the playoffs on the coattails of one of the greatest comeback victories in the history of the National Football League. We look focused and hungry for 3.5 quarters, but then we went home. So we lost. We messed up and we lost. Maybe we weren't as hungry as we thought.

Which brings us to now. This week. At Green Bay. Playing in historic Lambeau Field. Win and we're in. Even coming off a crushing defeat, most of the league's elite teams would find a way to put together a win even under such extenuating circumstances. We couldn't. We went out and got outplayed in every conceivable phase of the game. We committed 5 costly turnovers, which completely sums up our season. We had a shot at wrapping up something that every team shoots for but only 12 teams get every year: a trip to the playoffs. And why?

We didn't want it.

Maybe it was the epic collapse that sucked our spirits out, but whatever it was, it crushed us. For whatever reason, this team is not playing like they want it. And maybe they actually do, but they sure ain't showing it. And that is why i don't want the 2010 New York Giants to make the playoffs.

That being said, if we do, then great. I'll be happy. I'll root for the to the end. But as of now, we aren't in. And don't look for us to be.That is it. Happy New Year's all, and go whoever is playing Vick and the Eagles. I really don't like them.

Now, at the beginning of this, I promised angry swearing.

Fuck. Shit. Ass. Dick. Balls. Son of a bitch.

That is all. Thank you all, and I'll see you next Monday.

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