Let's Face it Giants Fans, We have One of the Best Orgs. in the NFL

So there might be a few fans out there that think we're not well run, and that from top to bottom the Eagles are heads and shoulders above us. Well, I apologize for not bowing down to the greatness of Philadelphia, because I respectfully disagree.

Eagles have better ownership:

I'm not going to say that the Eagles have worse ownership, but there's a reason why they put "The Duke" on the official NFL ball. I'm not going to be making any blanket statements, so maybe I'll try using some facts to back up my argument. rates the Giants as the 4th most valuable franchise with a net worth of 1.182bil. Fact. while the Eagles are the 7th most valuable franchise with a net worth of 1.119bill. That's on the ownership, and again, not saying the Eagles are worse. I AM saying we are just as good.

Better management:

Obviously, this is on the General Managers, no? Well, once again,, a well respected site, ranked the top GM's in the league based on team success versus team payroll. Jerry Reese came in 2nd. Just behind Bill Polian. The Eagles' GM is not even listed. Here is the link. It was written this August, so it is recent. I'm not saying that the Eagles aren't well run, but you'd be crazy to think that our management is not near the top.


Better Coaching:

If we want to consider history and the top ten coaches ever, I looked to an ESPN article, and saw that 1 Giants head coach made the list: Bill Parcells. No Eagles head coach has. And anybody with an appreciation for history (Giants fan or not) will agree that Parcells is deserving of that honor.

If one is looking for a more recent example, lets compare Tom Coughlin with Andy Reid:

Tom Coughlin's time with the Giants (6 yrs): .582 with 4 playoff appearances and 1 superbowl.

Andy Reid's time with the Eagles (11 yrs): .624 with 8 playoff appearances and 0 superbowls.


Reid does have a higher win percentage, but a .582 win percentage is nothing to sneeze at. Also, Coughlin brought the Giants to the playoffs 4 out of 6, as opposed to Reid which didn't make the playoffs for 3 years while he was tenured in Philly. Pretty comparable. Tom Coughlin also has the best challenge percentage in league history.

If you're going to make the argument that the Eagles have had better coaching than the Giants, than you simply CANNOT ignore the superbowl win. The coaches cannot be blamed for the failures and yet not credited for the victories. And if you don't think that Coughlin had anything to do with the Superbowl win, you are an idiot. Plain and simple. Who made the decision to play all out against NE the last week of the season which ultimately gave the Giants the swagger heading into the playoffs? Coughlin. Who adapted and evolved his style of coaching to overcome adversity and win the favor of the team? Coughlin.

Sure you can make the argument that Reid is a better coach. But again, you are foolish to say that our coaching has been bad.

Data found at


Better Players:

This is a very subjective matter and I cannot really come up with any tried and true facts that say the Giants or Eagles are favored in this one. The only statistical comparison I can come up with is number of probowlers since 2006 (I picked an arbitrary recent year):

New York Giants: 19

Philadelphia Eagles: 20

This, I'd say, is a push. Although the homer in me would pick Giants, of course.

Better Drafting:

Compiled stats from 2004 to 2008 (recent, but jury still out on 2009 and 2010):


% of draftees still on roster: Giants, 66.7%                 Eagles, 44.7%

% of which became starters: Giants, 36.4%               Eagles, 23.4%

% of which became pro-bowlers: Giants, 12.1%       Eagles, 4.3%


Don't think I need to spell this one out.


Have a nice day.

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