Tom Coughlin, 12.16.10

Q: Michael Boley?
A: He didn't practice today. We think he will tomorrow.

Q: What is his injury?
A: He has a little shoulder.

Q: Did he do that in the game?
A: Yeah, but not right away did he have an issue with it.

Q: Mario Manningham?
A: Manningham was just limited; didn't do much, to be honest with you; did some.

Q: What was the thinking on bringing Ballard up to the active roster?
A: We had a roster spot and we felt like we would need to protect ourselves at that spot.

Q: You looking at him at tight end?
A: Tight end, special teams, fullback - you name it.

Q: What did Chris Snee do today?
A: He did some limited. He moved around better.

Q: He hurt himself on the tackle he made on the interception the other night?
A: Yes.

Q: What was Shawn Andrews able to do?
A: Shawn is pretty much doing - we are calling it limited - but he does pretty much everything. We are just trying to find out to what extent - where he is the next morning.

Q: Did O'Hara do a little more, too?
A: He did more, yes.

Q: When you bring in a guy like Michael Clayton, a skilled player, what is the biggest challenge for a skill guy coming in mid-season?
A: To have to learn the offense. The way it was for Michael, he came in on a Tuesday and he had to literally play on Sunday. So he had to know the offense during the course of that week. But as I said, they learn what is in the game plan, period.

Q: When the opponent makes a change at linebacker, like the Eagles, with a rookie. Is that something where you have to learn about the new guy?
A: Well, you have all of the background from the college draft. Pro Personnel has a grade and a performance sheet on him from the preseason. And you have a lot of the game the other night.

Q: I know you were asked about Bear Pascoe yesterday. Do you see him as a fullback going forward in his career?
A: Multi-purpose, versatile.

Q: You are not going to define him by position?
A: No. He is able to do both.

Q: What are you hearing about Steve Smith and the procedure he has to go through? Are you concerned about him going forward?
A: The doctor said that he expected him to make a full recovery.

Q: In time for next season?
A: That is what I have been told. Non-weight bearing for a while and then progress very slowly, obviously. But hopefully if it all goes well, then what the doctor is projecting will be true.

Q: Will you have to handle him kind of the way you did with Kenny Phillips?
A: I'm sure. I'm sure there will be restrictions, sure. There has got to be.

Q: Kenny Phillips has been okay with his receovery? No problems?

A: He has worked hard. He has worked very hard. Behind the scenes, he has done an awful lot. He is pretty much in that weight room every day working lower body.

Q: How would you describe his recovery?
A: Probably steady. I would say that is a good word.

Q: When you look at Vick, is he doing many things differently than when you saw him a month ago?

A: No.

Q: He is not in the pocket any longer?

A: Well, he is always trying to do something to gain more time down the field. And he does that - he has always done that and done it well.

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