Celebrations After a Big Play

I have noted some interesting reactions from my fellow BBV members these past two days to celebrations after a big play. I refer to two plays in two different games on two different days, and I want to examine the reactions to both.

Play One: Desean Jackson 91 yard touchdown reception


Jackson ends his run by turning around, and "Nestea Plunging" into the end zone.

Play Two: Barry Cofield sack versus the Vikings


On a 3rd down, Cofield breaks through the line and tackles Vikings QB Tavaris Jackson, which he follows up by pretending to taser himself three times.

A comparison of the two celebrations

For Jackson's celebration, it lasted for perhaps 2 seconds at most, he immediately got up, and spiked the ball and walked away from the Cowboy players. Although he did technically start the celebration during the play, it is really no different than someone doing a flip into the end zone.

For Cofield's celebration, after he made the sack he stood up and pretended to taser himself not once, not twice, but three times, spending a total of 5 seconds on the field celebrating, finishing up as the Vikings special teams is out on the field for the punt.

Why is this relevant?

Simply put, the first play had a really mixed reaction from the regulars around here, ranging from "who cares" to "he burned them he has the right" to "he got flagged so he got what he deserved" to "it was absolutely classless, he should be disciplined".

For the Cofield celebration, I have yet to find one person posting anything other than "don't tase me bro" or a variation of "love the dance".

So, my questions are as follows:

  • How is Jackson's celebration any more blatant or heinous than Cofield's?
  • Is it simply a case of "homerism"... fans will forgive their own for any celebration while hating a bitter rival's player for doing so?
  • Are some celebrators given more slack than others? Cofield gets more slack due to his being a DT and not a flashy WR like Jackson?

Where do you stand on this?

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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