And The Week # 9 Winners Are...




32 Atts - 21 Completions - 290 Yards,  3 TDs  

Vote Tally: 12F + 2RU + 1HM  =  Vote Total: 13.25


BBVer Comments:

"I liked how he spotted their best DB and pickied on him the whole game" -Larry Soprano-

 "im not even gonna post second choices, no one else held a candle to Eli’s performance..." -GiantsReignSupreme-

"Pretty sure the '12th man' meant nothing to him"  -The Always Well Dressed-

"Eli had a great day just slicing up the secondary. Cool and confident and 3TD passes in a blustery stadium" -edzilla-

"...Eli Manning was simply finding the open man, and getting him the ball with accurate passes." -tito (Eight and oh)-


2 Assisted Tackles, 1 Interception - 28 Yards, 2 Passes Defended  

Vote Tally: 7F + 3RU + 2 HM = Vote Total: 9.00


BBVers Comments:

"another great pick by Terrel to keep the Seahawks out of the endzone. Thought he was crazy for trying to run it out of the endzone, but earned us 9 or so more yards than taking it at the 20 would have." -edzilla-

"Interception that he caught in the first half to thwart the TD pass was key in taking the remaining wind out of the crowd." -LoNJDTechnology-

"Big heads up INT in the endzone which I though he had a chance to bring all the way back" -The Always Well Dressed-





6 Receptions - 128 Yards, Long 46, 1 TDs  

Vote Tally: 1RU + 4RU + 2HM = Vote Total: 3.50


BBVers Comments:

 "Route running, separation, hands, speed, elusiveness, awesomeness… this kid has got it all." -Larry Soprano-

"...but Nicks continues to outshine every WR in the NFL week after week.. yea i just said that." -Plaxico Burress-



4 Solo Tackles, 1 Tackles for loss, 1 Fumble Recovery

Vote Tally: 3F + 4RU + 2HM  =  Vote Total: 5.50


BBVers Comments:

"(the solid LB play + the Special Teams play)" -andiamo708-

"part of the reason they had less than 50 rushing yards." -ace88-

 "Great play on ST. really thought he was gonna make the TD…" -phredrik-

"for that backfield blowup," -Simms-McConkey-

"(at least one really nice tackle in the backfield plus a fumble recovery)" -mario_is_the_manningham-


                                             COACHES HONORABLE MENTIONS




BBVers Comments:

"it was nice of him not to run up the score on Coach Pete."  -The Always Well Dressed-

"Coughlin and the rest of the coaching staff: for not letting the foot off the throat of the Seahawks and finally putting together a complete game."  -Larry Soprano-




BBVers Comments:

"Called his best game of the year IMO and it’s not even close." -andiamo708-

"After the 3 straight passes on the 1st poss he called a flawless game! I am one of KG biggest critics but when credit is due I give it." -bleedblue12-




BBVers Comments:

"defense as a whole was absolutely suffocating." -GiantsReignSupreme-


                                                       HONORABLE MENTIONS


COREY WEBSTER CB/DEFENSE - 4 Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle, 1 Interceptions - 2 Yards, 1 Pass Defended


"For the second interception and keeping his area on lock for the rest of the game. I don’t think that the Seattle Td was on him. Came back after the cramp and picked up where he left off."  -LoNJDTechnology-

"if i had to single one person out it would be Corey Webster for a great diving pick on Whitehurst." -GiantReignSupreme=


BEAR PASCOE TB/OFFENSE -  1 Receptions - 10 Yards 



STEVE SMITH WR/OFFENSE -  4 Receptions - 46 Yards, Long 17, 1 TD

"caught some balls and payed for it; taking some big hits. This has been a consistent story with him. Never afraid to put his body on the line to make a play."  -LoNJDTechnology-


AHMAD BRADSHAW RB/OFFENSE -   19 Attempts - 57 Yards, Long 7 Yards, 2 TD, 4 Receptions - 35 Yards, Long 13

"Bradshaw doing what he does best..." -The Always Well Dressed-

"Set the tone early and our ground game opened up play action situations where Eli had time to set his watch back in the pocket." -edzilla-



"honorable mention to Amani Toomer for running the nyc marathon and raising around 20,000 dollars for the New York Road Runner’s Club youth programs." -feaglesmvp-



DJ WARE RB/OFFENSE-  13 Attempts - 66 Yards, Long 9






VOTING NUMBERS SCALE:  F = 1.00 pts -  First Place Votes

                                                      R = 0.50 pts -  Runner-Up Votes

                                                      H = 0.25 pts - Honorable Mentions Votes



                                                              EAT YOUR WORDS 



  1. Bo$$man Houston Texans Fan (Inducted Week #5) For his comments in this post. Congratulations Bo$$man, you earned it!!
  2. CC Brown for all the garbage that he shoveled before and after the game. 
  3. Troy Aikman "deserves to blowing the call on an incredible play by TT on that INT. It was all TT, Mike Williams didn’t bobble anything, TT made an excellent play." -Rorschach44- (and others)

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