Tom Coughlin, 11.18.10

Q: Anything new regarding Shawn Andrews?

A: No, just that he is being treated. And hopefully he will be a little bit better today and hopefully a little bit better tomorrow.

Q: Did this kind of come out of the blue?

A: Not really. He has been stiff and sore before but never to the point where he didn't feel like --- he actually came out and tried to work yesterday. He felt he could work. As long as he was in a two-point stance, he felt he could. But then the smarter move prevailed and we didn't push it any. He was a little bit better this morning. And hopefully he will be a little bit better tomorrow.

Q: Any thoughts as to whether he will go on Sunday?

A: It's day to day; day to day.

Q: Is this stuff that he has been dealing with for a couple of weeks now?

A: No, I wouldn't say that. But he has had that stuff sore back before. So this is what we are dealing with right now.

Q: Any indication that it is related to his past?

A: Whatever. You ever have a bad back? You don't want to get one.

Q: Given that history are you concerned going forward?

A: The fact that you're standing on my grass concerns me. Yes, everything concerns me.

Q: If he can't go, would you be comfortable with seven linemen, or would you need to add someone at that position?

A: We have played many times with seven linemen.

Q: Kevin Boss have a setback?

A: Yesterday he worked. He was sore last night. And this morning they decided they had better hold him.

Q: Back?

A: Yeah.

Q: What about Corey Webster?

A: Corey did something to his toe. And they fitted him with a shoe and he just didn't feel comfortable. Instead of pushing it and creating an issue - hopefully he will work tomorrow.

Q: Is it a little draining to have all of these guys out?

A: I think better today, I really do. I think better today. I think Wednesday, getting back on the practice field - and more that - trying to fight our way through last week and into the new week, but today was better.

Q: Shawn is still relatively new here. Is he still at the point where he needs to practice in order to play?

A: Everybody needs to practice. But the last part of it - ‘to play' - we'll see; we'll see. He has had pretty much every practice since he has been here. I wouldn't think it would necessarily rule him out if he didn't practice.

Q: What do you like about Jonathan Goff?

A: He is tough. He is quiet. He is physical. He likes to play; a good citizen, a smart guy.

Q: Is this the typical Eagles defense that we have seen? They have a lot of new people, have they re-tooled a little bit?

A: Yeah, a little bit, but they are a fast, physical defensive team.

Q: How concerned are you about playing the Eagles offense given the way they are playing?

A: Is this your first day here? They have demonstrated great ability to score and move the ball and all of those kinds of things. It is always a concern. They are talented.

Q: Will Boss practice tomorrow?

A: I think so. We'll see. Hopefully he will be back out to practice.

Q: Had Darius Reynaud been working with the wide receivers?

A: Yes.

Q: He looks good? Looks healthy?

A: That is where he works most of the time. We spent one week - I think we had him as a running back - but most of the time he works with the receivers. He seems to have done well (with the hamstring). I don't see any real setback there. He has taken a lot of snaps because of the scout team.

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