Meeting the Giants & Jerry Jones

Per the request of Larry Soprano & Bobbi Blue.... 

Back story:

Duke Calhoun's cousin is a friend of the family. I used this connection to get cheap friends and family tickets for the game. Tickets were awesome - section 111C, right at the 30 or so yard line. I sat next to Bear Pascoe's brother and behind Jonathon Goff's mom.

The tickets came with wrist bands that got us into the friends and family room after the game. Unfortunately, I took my sweet time rounding up friends and didn't realize how quickly the guys shower and get the hell out. Some of the guys stuck around, others grabbed their family and hauled butt out of the building. I didn't get the cell phone or camera out in time to get Jacobs or Tynes, but I did see them. Honestly, and this may make me a horrible fan, but unless they're super recognizable like Jacobs, Tuck, or Eli - I don't recognize them without their jerseys on. 

So once we were in the friends and family room and the last few players were taking their time coming out - my friends I decided to explore. :) In these type of situations, I find it best that if you just act like you belong, you don't get questioned. Besides, the worst they could do was tell us to leave, right? So we went to the end of the hall and pushed open the double doors and into the tunnels of the stadium. The family room is apparently closest to the Jets (or visiting team) locker room, because that's where it dropped us out. Low and behold, as soon as we opened the doors and parted the black curtain, the head cowgirl himself was walking towards us. 

These are just a few of the pictures I took. I did crop my friends out of the photos - I feel weird enough plastering my face on this board for all to see. 


Tailgating  in the West parking lot.


View from section 111C.


Antrell Rolle & his son.


Me and Shawn Andrews


Meeting Jerry in the tunnels. 


In the bowels of the Meadowlands. Next time I learned to head right instead of left. The Giants locker room was apparently in the opposite direction! 

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