The key to beating the Eagles on Sunday night

Stop Mike Vick? No.

Stop Desean Jackson from flapping his molars? No

Create a genophage that cures us of all these mouth breathing Eagles fans? No.





That's right. Hakeem Nicks. #88.


Forget about everything else. Forget all those clowns I mentioned before the jump.


Ask the last 10 years, what player struck fear in Eggs fans more then any other who played for the GIants? Probably wasn't Strahan. I doubt its Eli..tho they do have an infatuation with the way he looks (not that there's anything wrong with that...pause).


Its this dude








What the hell is this fool rambling about? Plaxico was a dominant force against the Eagles, probably more so against them then any other team (tho he put up numbers against all 3 NFC East teams, especially the Porks).


This was how the GIants beat the Eggs. Plaxico was a key. Against teams that play D like the Eagles (man, lotta blitzing, Asante Samuel's ball hawking). Establishing that go to WR that they just cannot stop one on one, this is how you throw them off defensivelly


Is this fool proof? Hell no. Vick and Jackson are dynamic, so is Maclin and McCoy can take it to the house whenever he wants too. Celek is a hell of a TE even if he's been lower on the totem poll this year. There's also a lot more else that has to go down too of course.


But this is more on Hakeem. Sometimes I think we forget he's just a 2nd year player since he certainly doesn't look like it.


But does he make those plays when they're there? Against the Eagles last year...remember those series of drops? Yea, he broke through eventually...but he needs to make that catch on the first one.

Against Dallas last week? That 2nd and 20 catch he dropped that was at least a first down, possibly a gigantic gain or even a TD...he needs to make those plays if he wants to be that thorn in the Eagles side like Plaxico was. Hakeem gonna step up and make big plays? Emphasis on the plural too. We need PLAYSSSS out of Hakeem.

How's about Hakeem becomes the thorn in the Eagles side like Desean Jackson is the thorn in the  Giants side (albeit without the annoying posturing that Desean does)


I'm calling you out Hakeem. If you reading this, I know most of it was incoherent...but read this part. I'm calling you out. Do you want to make that next step? We all know you got "it", but are you gonna SHOW IT.

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