And The Week # 10 Winners Are...





48 Atts - 33 Completions - 373 Yards,  2 TDs  

Vote Tally: 6F + 2RU =  Vote Total: 7.00


BBVer Comments:

"Did his best to try to keep the Giants in the game."  -The Always Well Dressed-

"And all game I felt that with Eli leading the attack that we were still in this game."  -wangstu13-




2 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle, 1 Interception, 1 Pass Defended  

Vote Tally: 7F + 1RU + 1 HM = Vote Total: 7.75


BBVers Comments:

"For giving TT the help that he obviously needed. Great interception that prevented the go ahead Td and gave us a chance to regain control of a game that shouldn't have gotten away from us to begin with." -LoNJDTechnology-

"made a great pick preventing another dallas TD" -Cup Noodles-





3 Receptions - 34 Yards, Long 26  

Vote Tally: 2RU + 1RU + 2HM = Vote Total: 3.00


BBVers Comments:

"Ramses Barden, for making the field, and making some grabs." -Simms McConkey-

"Barden (for silencing a ton of morons)" -andiamo708-




5 Solo Tackles  

Vote Tally: 1F  =  Vote Total: 1.00


BBVers Comments:



                                      MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN



Vote Tally: 3F = Vote Total: 3.00


BBVers Comments:

" I didn’t hear D. Wares name all night, nor did I hear Andrews name called. Usually a good sign."  -wangstu13-

'the only one out there that remembered how to play football....Andrews played great against Ware." -phredrik-

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have our new Left Tackle!" -Larry Soprano-


                                               HONORABLE MENTIONS


LAWRENCE TYNES 2 Total Kicks - 1 (20-29) & 1 (40-49), 43 Long, 2 X Pts Attempted - 2 X Pts made, 8 Points Total


HAKEEM NICKS - 5 Receptions - 82 Yards, 23 Long



KEVIN BOSS - 5 Receptions - 81 Yards, Long 35, 1 TD

"Not his fault the refs hate him and he can’t get a call." -Willgfass-


MARIO MANNINGHAM - 19 Receptions - 91 Yards, 44 Long, 1 TD

"Made some critical catches and caught some bals that he shouldn’t have." -LoNJDTechnology-


BARRY COFIELD - 1 Blocked Kick

"Blocked PAT and decent effort stopping the run," -Larry Soprano-





PHIL McCONKEY -  "The former Giant WR/PR & US Navy vet was presented in the pre-game Veterans Day celebration with his traditional “Towel Wave”. Thank you to him and all those who served and currently serve in the United States Armed Forces."  -The Always Well Dressed-




VOTING NUMBERS SCALE:  F = 1.00 pts -  First Place Votes

                                                      R = 0.50 pts -  Runner-Up Votes

                                                      H = 0.25 pts - Honorable Mentions Votes



                                                              EAT YOUR WORDS 



  1. Bo$$man Houston Texans Fan (Inducted Week #5) For his comments in this post. Congratulations Bo$$man, you earned it!!
  2. CC Brown for all the garbage that he shoveled before and after the game. 
  3. Troy Aikman "deserves to blowing the call on an incredible play by TT on that INT. It was all TT, Mike Williams didn’t bobble anything, TT made an excellent play." -Rorschach44- (and others)

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