Perspective from an Eagles fan

WOW. Big week in the division!  But not as big as people are making it out to be.  Let’s take a look:

Giants take on a 1-7 Dallas team coming off a MONSTROUS win against Seattle where they looked unstoppable!  Dallas has been nothing short of garbage, and had to deal with a coaching change, this was supposed to be an easy Giants win with a big game the following week.  Of course the game didn’t follow the script, but you can’t blame the Giants for overlooking the Cowboys.  Bottom line: Giants were not as bad as they looked against the Cowboys, not as good as they looked against Seattle, and PLEASE don’t give me this garbage that Dallas is going to run to 9-7 and a wild-card spot (I’ve actually heard that one).

Eagles massacre the Redskins on MNF.  Great win!  Fun to watch.  Vick was electric.  But the Eagles are not as good as they looked there, nor are they as bad as they looked when they gave up 27 4th quarter points to the Titans after entering the 4th with a 9 point lead.

So what’s going to happen Sunday night?  Two division rivals, and two good teams are going to play each other for nothing more than a win against a quality division opponent.  This game isn’t for a division title, it’s not for a first round playoff bye, it’s not even a game that defines the rest of the season for either team.  This is a division game.  Yup, the winner will be the week 11 division leader, which is about as awesome as old meatloaf the night before thanksgiving dinner.  I want this win, you want this win…but don’t make it out to be more than it is.

Speculating is fun, it’s half of what we do on these boards.  And with the quality of our teams it’s pretty easy to imagine a scenario in which either of us will win.  I’m not going to pretend that your front four don’t scare me death.  I’m praying we figure out how to prevent Nicks from doing to us what Kenny Britt did, and I’m hoping we can force Eli into some overthrown balls or bad decisions. 

With that said, I’m sure you guys will have your hands full figuring out how to contain Vick while also keeping enough guys deep to stop DeSean and Maclin.

I think the Eagles have an edge in this one, personally (and yes, I’m a homer, and I’m excited with my team, so of course that’s what I think), but I’m on the Giants board to hear why I’m wrong.  Where do you guys match up well against us?  How do you think you win this game?  Will this be a shootout or a defensive party?

As a side-note: I have no interest in any argument about Vick or his past.  The Eagles did not sell their souls to win at all costs by signing him.  There’s nothing he can do to change the past, but from what I can tell, he is making a point to change the future.  I don’t know in what world or what country it isn’t a good thing when a criminal is released, rejects their past, refuses association with their old cronies, and becomes a productive citizen again. We release enough criminals that end up right back in prison for the same crime. Vick hasn’t become Mother Theresa, but he got a job that he happens to be pretty good at, and he’s stayed out of trouble.

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