I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit ashamed to be a Giants fan this morning.


Wangstu13 writes a great post sharing how he's been on a boat for the past month, reading about the G-Men and the awesome season they're having. He wrote about how he wants us to join him in his excitement for the upcoming Eagles game. One of his last lines read: Get on board shipmates its going to be one hell of a ****in experience! It's got one comment, one person is on board, where the hell is everybody else?

I wrote a post last week called Eagles Fan For a Day, where I basically proclaimed I wanted the Eagles to win, so there would be no excuses when we played them. I wanted Vick to have his best day, I wanted their wide receivers, and running backs to look sharp. I wanted this so when we went to Philadelphia they would be recognized as one of the best teams in the league, because I want the Giants to see the toughest competition EVERY week, knowing in my heart that they can ALWAYS win when they play ther best football. One person agreed with that post. One person was "on board" with seeing a Philly team at their best. Well, the Eagles did what I asked them to. I'm excited, Wangstu13 is excited. How about the rest of you? Scared? Based on the following comments from my post last week, the game thread last night, and today's post:

"desean jackson will destroy us, hes a giants killer."

"i don’t look foward to him next week"

"Someone kill me"

"scary... "

"They own us and Reid and his staff usaully do a much better job game planning for us than we do against them. This will not be fun on Sunday night."

I think it's a safe bet.

Hell, even my own father told me last night that he would trade Eli for Vick, if the Eagles would be foolish enough to accept the deal. My father, the man who taught me everything I know about sports, the man I look to for wisdom, the man who's shoulder I cried on when the Baltimore Ravens raped us in the Super Bowl. That man is now afraid of playing the Eagles, because they have "the most dangerous player in the NFL."

So yea, today I'm ashamed to be a Giants fan.

I thought I could come to my favorite place on the entire internet today and I would, at the very least, get some help forgetting my dads ignorance. I thought there would be Fan Posts getting me pumped up about how we're going to wipe the floor with Vicks carcass, about how our DBs will step up to the challenge of taking on Jackson, and Maclin. About how our banged up Oline will keep up the pretty damn good job they've done all things considered. Instead...I'm on here, reading those comments. I honestly did not expect that. I definitely expected the Eagles to win. I definitely expected the Eagles to be considered the best team in the NFC, especially after the way the Giants played last week. But I did not expect that.

It's one thing if you want to call the Eagles the best team in the NFC, or even the NFL up to this point. With wins over the 7-2 Falcons, a win over Peyton Manning, and the display they put on last night, it would be hard to argue. It's one thing if you want to tell me that Icky Vicky has been the best quarterback in the NFL up to this point, with no turnovers, and the best QB Rating in the league, it's hard to argue...if he keeps this up, he will win the MVP. It's one thing if you tell me that DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin are some of the youngest, most talented skill position players in the league, because they are.

But I have news for everyone. The New York Giants are not the Atlanta Falcons. The New York Giants are not the Indianapolis Colts. And the New York Giants are certainly not the Washington Redskins. Yea we've lost to the Eagles the last four times we've played. So what? Father Strahan said it best before the 2007 NFC Championship Game, "The past is the f&^$#$ past!"  Even with all of the injuries this season, we STILL have Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning, and Ahmad Bradshaw...all playing the best football of their CAREERS. Shawn Andrews looks nothing short of MONEY. Justin Tuck, when asked what he thought about the speed of the Eagles players yesterday afternoon, said "There is only one way to stop that, YOU HIT THEM IN THE MOUTH." I have full convidence that Tuck, and the rest of the defense will do just that.

There is a great possibilty we could lose this game on Sunday. The Eagles are healthier, they have more talent, they're younger and faster. Taking all of that into account, there is no reason to be afraid. If anyone can hit Vick in the mouth enough times to make him submit, it's the defense that's already done it 5 other times this season. If anyone can make the Eagles mediocre secondary look silly, it's the quarterback who's done the same thing AT Houston, AT Seattle, and AT Dallas. If any TEAM is going to go into Philadelphia, and strip the Eagles of there high flying confidence, it's the New York Football Giants.

So all I'm asking is GET THE EFF ON BOARD SHIP MATES!!! Because you know damn well that if this team plays smart, consistent, penalty/turnover free football we ARE going to wipe the floor with Vicks carcass, our DBs WILL step up to the challenge of taking on Jackson and Maclin, our banged up Oline WILL keep Eli off his ass and give Ahamd/BJ some holes giving us a chance to win this game, and our defense will hit some Philadelphia Eagles in the mouth!


Pack your mouth-guards Philly, the Giants are coming.

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