State of the O-Line: Not that bad

I was hoping someone else would do this but alas, no. So I've poked around to illuminate exactly where everyone stands with injuries & etc. on our offensive line, which should be in flux for the Cowboys. But frankly, what I've found is that we should end up just fine for the stretch run, down only our backup center. Now, I'm not saying that couldn't be a factor, but frankly if I told you in September that our biggest 2nd-half injury question right now would revolve around replacing Adam Koets, you'd be glad.

The line for Dallas looks like:







I don't think that's an awful line, but it can't afford any more injuries during the game. If there are, you might see recent waiver wire pickup Jamon Meredith, who sounds intriguing but hasn't caught on anywhere in his year of NFL time. His wiki is here.

David Diehl has a hip sprain and a hamstring tear. He hopes to be back for Philly (2 weeks), but our own Ed Valentine isn't expecting that. Sounds sure to return by the end of November. If we're looking at our best 5, Petrus/Boothe, not Andrews would be bumped out -- my speculation there. If Andrews plays well he could slide in to guard and Diehl would resume at LT... it's not impossible that Diehl also could end up at guard for a time. The line would look like this:

Diehl/Andrews   --  Diehl/Andrews -- Seubert   --   Snee -- McKenzie

another article on Diehl is here.

Shaun O'Hara has a Lis-Franc sprain, although the team won't admit it. His sounds like the worst injury. He also hopes to be back for Philly, but could take until December. Still he sounds sure to return. Then the line should be back to opening day:

Diehl   --   Seubert --   O'Hara   --   Snee   --   McKenzie

And Andrews would return to his backup / TE role.

Will Beatty is back to work and also expected return as early as Dallas or, more likely, Philly. Makes you wonder if these guys are considering that an important game! It's good to have an experienced, cohesive OL when on the road in hostile stadiums.

When Beatty returns, he would be Diehl's primary backup. He didn't win the job in pre-season and after this hiatus surely won't take it now. At that point we'd be near full strength and the depth chart would look like:

Diehl   --   Seubert  --   O'Hara   --   Snee   --   McKenzie

Beatty  --  Andrews  -- Seubert   --   Boothe -- ??

With Petrus and Meredith behind them.

The newest & most comprehensive article is here.

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