NFC East Looking Like New York-Philadelphia Slugfest

The New York Giants did not even play Sunday, and it was still a great day to be a Giants fan. The Dallas Cowboys continued their implosion, and a quarterback controversy erupted in Washington. With Week 8 of the NFL season in the books, can it be any more obvious that the NFC East will come down to a fight between the 5-2 Giants and the 4-3 Philadelphia Eagles?

The situation is so bad in Dallas that Jerry Jones can't even remember what the Cowboys record is. He admitted to being "dumbfounded" and "embarrassed" that the Cowboys are 1-7. Alas, wishful thinking. They are "only" 1-6.

Consider this delicious possibility, Giants fans. This could be the worst year in the history of the Cowboys franchise, worse even than the 1-15 season of 1989, Troy Aikman's rookie year. Even if the Cowboys manage to win a couple of games the rest of the way, think about what Dallas faithful thought this season would bring. This season's Super Bowl is in Dallas and both Jones and the Cowboy fan base not only hoped the team would be playing in the game -- they expected it.

With that expectation as the context, how can this disaster not be considered the worst season in the history of the franchise? Oh, and if the Giants were to make it to the big show in Dallas at the end of the season, how nice would that be? Ah, the possibilities.

In Washington, the 4-4 Redskins have been competitive all season and have proven dangerous when playing well. But, coach Mike Shanahan shredded whatever good feelings had been created thus far when he yanked Donovan McNabb near the end of a 37-25 loss to Detroit Sunday, inserting Rex Grossman because "that was the best scenario for us to have a chance to win."

In addition to the fact that Grossman stinks, McNabb is a six-time Pro Bowler the Redskins traded for in hopes of rebuilding around him. Now, it might be one-and-done in D.C. for Donovan. Even if it isn't, it certainly looks like the Redskins are fractured.

That leaves the Giants and Eagles competing for the NFC East crown, and what might be the division's only playoff berth this season. It seems like we have been here before, doesn't it Giants fans?

NFC East Standings

New York Giants 5 2 0 175 153
Philadelphia 4 3 0 172 157
Washington 4 4 0 155 170
Dallas 1 6 0 154 187

(updated 11.1.2010 at 4:23 AM EDT)

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