Gints first half (sorta) MVP

There has been much discussion on this board over the last day or so about Eli Manning's League MVP status, which got me thinking, who do the members view as the giants first half MVP

I'm sure i forgot a candidate, if so, yell at me, but politely, I'm fragile ya know. And by the by, I am limiting this to players only, so nobody gets to vote simply for Perry Fewell, even if i understand the desire too.


Candidate 1

Eli Manning - QB

Stats Through Seven Games - 157/239 65.7% 1785 yards 14 TD's 11 Int


Eli is the first name on the list because frankly, there are not many teams where the QB is not instantly the first name that comes up in any team MVP discussion. Currently on pace to set career highs in virtually every category, including the bad one.


Candidate 2

Ahmad Bradshaw - RB

Stats Through Seven Games - 134 Carries 708 Yards 5.3 YPC 16 Receptions 105 Yards 3 TD's 4 Fumbles


Ahmad through week seven is the NFL's leading rusher leading the giants revamped rushing attack. Given the starting job in the preseason over Brandon Jacobs, Bradshaw has done nothing but impress. The only downside to his season so far has been his penchant to fumble.


Candidate 3

Hakeem Nicks - WR

Stats Through Seven Games - 45 Receptions 525 yards 8 TD's


Nicks has been a touchdown machine this year leading the league with eight touchdown receptions. Although his yards per reception are down this season, he and Manning have quite a relationship between them. Once again like the previous candidates, he has one little flaw, too many tipped balls left for the opposing teams.


Candidate 4

Osi Umenyiora - DE

Stats Through Seven Games - 18 Tackles, 8 Sacks, 7 Forced Fumbles


Many of us were ready to write Osi off during the offseason, myself included, I'm glad to admit at this point, that i was wrong. Osi has regained his status as a dominating DE so far this season, tied for second in the league in sacks, as well as leading the league in forced fumbles. The biggest improvement to my eyes so far this season has been Osi's performance versus the run. He will never be the run stuffer that Michael Strahan was, but he is doing a much better job this year than last year.


Those are the Four main candidates i have at this time, i could see a case being made for a few other players on defense, but especially since Kiwanuka's injury, i think Osi deserves the nod more than any of the others. Amazingly, nobody on special teams made the cut, shocking huh?

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